City Builders Happy Hour is a Year Old!

It may seem a bit silly to make a fuss over an every-once-and-awhile happy hour. But the City Builder Happy Hour is something a little bit different. Part networking session and part idea incubator, the City Builder Happy has hosted several fun and engaging evenings of idea sharing and catching up on local land use […]

Other Blogs: Two Posts on Housing and Development

Over the last week or so I have written two posts at other blogs, Publicola and Seattle Transit Blog. At Publicola I wrote, “New Single Family Housing is Not the Enemy” to take on the notion that single-family infill development is somehow a threat to neighborhood character. At Seattle Transit Blog I took on the […]

A Building Boom: Small Homes Are Big in Vancouver B.C.

Canadian media has been abuzz in the last year over the proliferation of small houses in Vancouver, British Columbia’s single-family neighborhoods. But the story there has been about the innovation, sustainability, affordability, and predictability of the new homes, not about controversy about their impact on neighborhood character. In fact, in environment is so supportive that […]