About Us:
Smart Growth Seattle is a partnership promoting a fresh land use code to manage neighborhood growth. We collaborate with homebuilders and other stakeholders to help City government adopt codes that are appropriate for meeting housing demand and preserving neighborhood character. We start by identifying ways that the land use code can be improved. We collect ideas and weigh them against a set of principles shared among our supporters. Then, we communicate with City officials to help them enact the smartest solutions.

The Principles of Smart Growth:

  • Housing Choice: Public policies that attract new businesses to Seattle are creating jobs across all income levels. Smart land use code supports housing choice by enabling homebuilders meet the needs of new workers and people of all income levels who are looking for a place to call home.
  • Urban Density: We support Washington’s Growth Management Act, which encourages urban density as an intelligent alternative to suburban sprawl. Smart land use code saves open space by enabling more people to live in our urban neighborhoods.
  • Sustainable Development: We believe that our city—and planet—is best served by sustainable development. Simply put, smaller homes are more sustainable than bigger homes and new homes are more energy efficient than old homes. Smart land use code encourages development of smaller homes and more efficient homes.
  • Economic Opportunity: We believe that homebuilding makes an important economic contribution to our city and economic incentives are necessary to meet housing demand. Smart land use code uses regulation creatively without setting up economic barriers.
  • Architectural Diversity: We believe that architectural diversity is part of the heritage of our neighborhoods and gives Seattle a unique personality. Smart land use code respects basic development patterns without discriminating against diverse design and scale.


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