Built Green 2017: Panel Highlights Mayor, Council Races

A little less than a month ago I caught part of a panel discussion between candidates for Mayor of Seattle and for the seat on the City Council formerly held by interim Mayor Tim Burgess. There wasn’t anything shocking in the exchanges I saw and I didn’t hear much about housing economics that corresponded with what I know is true: we need more housing in Seattle. I’ve heard a lot of local political debate over the years. Candidates nervously, sometimes, try to deal with issues they know are big with their audience. Other times they go for applause lines. My overall impression is that both candidates weren’t in their element. At one point Jenny Durkan, the supposedly pro-businees candidate talked about condominium development and said the problem with condo liability laws was shoddy builders, or words to that effect. There was no audible gasp, but I shook my head. Neither candidate for Mayor seems to understand the difficult job of getting housing to the market place efficiently. I’m posting panel for your consideration. The election is just about a month away.

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