From the Archives: The Economic, Political, and Moral Dimensions of Density

La Push

A few years back, in 2012, I spent some time at the beach at La Push where you can find the huge drift wood tree that is the featured image above. I spent some time trying to collect my thoughts on why this whole effort around housing mattered so much to me. Why was I […]

Register Today for 2015 Housing Summit


This is a reminder about next month’s housing summit. We really would benefit from having lots of builders from Seattle attend, especially at this time when our city is the focus of a great deal of attention around the region. Will Seattle grow sensibly? Will we continue to have a housing market in Seattle, or […]

Seattle Times: Dumb Growth Seattle?

Amazon Yuppification

At the Seattle Times yesterday columnist Jon Talton posted a very simple poll question. Is Seattle growing too fast, dumb, or just right? I answered “Just right” almost reflexively because I know that there is a lot behind the ideas of growth being “too fast” or “too dumb.” Obviously, we’re growth champions. But when I […]