Economy Sinking? Just Jump in Your Kayak!

A recent article on the state of the global economy got me thinking about our own local housing economy and how fragile it may actually be. It also made me think that there may be ways that we can design interventions in our local housing market that are more responsive to the push and pull […]

Affholter: Successful Density Opponents Mean Higher Housing Prices, Sprawl


Shannon Affholter, the Executive Director of the Master Builders Association had an important opinion piece in the print edition of the Seattle Times. In it, he makes the point that we’ve all been making over and over again: when anti-growth and opponents of growth succeed in slowing down housing supply, prices go up.  Having Affholter’s […]

O’Brien Plays Politics with Design Review, Mayor Opposes.¬†

As I said yesterday proposed legislation produced by the City Council to make changes to the low-rise zones is better than the Department of Planning and Development’s (DPD). ¬†There are still problems (see my one house in a row post). One, ironically, is being pointed out by DPD itself: that the proposal’s addition of a […]