Bagshaw’s Statement of Legislative Intent: No More Sad Stories

Sad Story

Councilmember Sally Bagshaw introduced a Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI) directing the Office of Housing to create an Affordable Housing Preservation Plan (AHP). We think this will go a long way to stop the sad stories reported in the press when non-profit buildings get purchased by for profit developers. Have a plan that includes tracking […]

New Housing is Paying Fair Share for Growth

Revenue Sources

Last week I wrote about architect Mark Hogan’s analysis of housing costs in San Francisco. Hogan found that roughly 20 percent of unit costs in multifamily housing are attributable to the permitting process and fees. I suggested that if we could reduce some of those costs for non-profit, subsidized housing, we’d get more housing for […]

San Francisco Organization Works to Make Housing Affordable


San Francisco has become the reference point for high priced housing in a dense city. Everyone wants to avoid the housing scarcity problems San Francisco faces. I’ve even described the San Francisco Death Spiral, what happens when people crow about high housing prices and officials respond with more rules and taxes which leads to higher […]