Proposal On Microhousing: Let People Choose

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July 22, 2014 Dear Councilmember O’Brien, Thank you very much for patiently engaging all sides on the microhousing issue. We understand that it is difficult to navigate to compromise or consensus on this challenging issue. However, as a city poised over the next 20 years to welcome 120,000 new people, we must find solutions to […]

Don’t Make it Worse, Make it Better: Time for a Housing Plan


Often City Council meetings can get really crowded and not everyone gets a chance to speak. And two minutes goes by really fast. So, I am posting what I plan to say at tonight’s Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability meeting on Incentive Zoning. Whether I get to say it or not, you get to read […]

Why Small Houses Matter


I recently watched an episode of the FYI Network‘s new small-home reality show, Tiny House Nation, a show hosted by renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin. Weisbarth and Giffin travel the country helping families design and build tiny homes. The homes can be in the city or the country, mobile or stationary, but they […]