Bricks and Mortar? The Costs of Affordable Housing

Bricks and Mortar

It is very difficult to find a clear and empirical comparison of the costs to bring an affordable housing development (here defined as a development with significant subsidy for construction either in the form of government grants or tax credits) and a market rate housing development. Affordable housing projects have many unique costs, and often […]

Neighborhood Planning: Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows!

Back in the old days when I worked for the Department of Neighborhoods (yes, it’s true!) as a Neighborhood Development Manager implementing 8 neighborhood plans, I had a very simple rule when it came to working with neighborhoods: never say the word, “no.” My rule was that all things are possible with enough thought, planning, […]

Density is People


Every once in awhile I get writers block; what else is there to say about growth? It’s pretty simple, we are a growing city and we need more housing. Let’s get moving on increasing housing supply, choice and opportunity. How many different ways can we say that? Then sometimes I read someone else write something […]