If Zoning is Racist Let’s Start Acting like It

NIMBY Design Review

Much has been written and said about the recommendations of the Mayor’s Housing Affordability and Livability (HALA) Committee. I’m going to write about these comments this week. The first post is this one on race, class, and zoning. The claim has been made that Seattle’s zoning is by its very nature, racist and classest. Efforts […]

Watch the Rent Control Debate

There was a good deal of coverage of last night’s debate. It took awhile, but embedded above is the whole debate. I had a lot of fun engaging with Councilmembers Sawant and Licata and the audience. For some of us, what looks like a tense and stressful argument is really an exciting battle of ideas […]

A Letter from Stockholm on Rent Control

Stockholm to Seattle Rent Control

(The following was written by a resident of Stockholm as a letter from Stockholm to Seattle. You can watch last week’s rent control debate in it’s entirety here) Dear Seattle, I am writing to you because I heard that you are looking at rent control. Seattle, you need to ask your citizens this: How would […]