Tomorrow at CCAB: Making Some Choices on Smaller Spaces


Tomorrow at the latest meeting of the Construction Code Advisory Board (CCAB) we are closing in on making some decisions about whether to loosen some of the restrictions on small apartments. I’ve already gone over the details of the issues in a previous post. But what it comes down to is that as unit sizes […]

How’s That Gonna Work?: More Questions for the City About MIZ

The City of Seattle is stomping ahead with it’s ill advised Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) scheme. Now the Council is being battered around by angry neighbors in the north end of the city over the U District uponzones. The fact that the City Council is deaf to our concerns — that MIZ makes many housing projects infeasible, that […]

Deregulating the Arts in Seattle


It’s a familiar pattern. An arts organization lands a great deal on space in Seattle. The new space is flexible, allows for artists to be noisy and make a lot of dust preparing and tearing down shows, and it’s super cheap. Somehow nobody noticed that big white sign out in front, the one with the […]