How to HALA? Bring Back the Neighborhood Development Managers!


I wrote this e-mail to Councilmember Mike O’Brien back in March of 2014. The idea of bringing back the Neighborhood Development Manager (NDM) function has come up again and again in my conversation with neighbors I disagree with. Not just once, but many times. Neighbors are frustrated with what they often see as runaway growth. […]

Watch the Rent Control Debate

There was a good deal of coverage of last night’s debate. It took awhile, but embedded above is the whole debate. I had a lot of fun engaging with Councilmembers Sawant and Licata and the audience. For some of us, what looks like a tense and stressful argument is really an exciting battle of ideas […]

HALA Recommendations: Toward 21st Century Solutions?


We won’t have the final, official version of recommendations from the Mayor’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) committee until this morning at 11, but from every thing we’ve seen and heard, including the leaked report last week, is encouraging. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the discussion about housing is the continuing dependence it has on zoning […]