ULI Presentation: The State of the Housing Debate in Seattle

Last week I was invited to address the Council on Small Scale Development Council at the Urban Land Institute’s Spring meeting held here in Seattle. I don’t like Power Point presentations. In general, I feel like what’s happening on the screen distracts from what’s being said, and what’s being said can distract from the slides. […]

Do You Need Help With Rent? Try Our Calculator

I’ve been making the point that we could make our resources go a lot further if we just make direct cash payments to people who need help with rent. So we decided to make a calculator that would show renters just how much more than the normative standard they are paying using a simple calculator […]

Senator Braun: “Why is housing so expensive?”

In what has become a bipartisan quest in Olympia both the Governor and the Senate are now asking the same questions we’ve been asking: why is housing so expensive to build? That question applies to both non-profit subsidized housing and market rate housing. The difference as I’ve pointed out is that when prices go up […]