Lot Suit: Local Builder Challenges City Rule that Increases Housing Prices


‘Abutting lot’ requirement illegal under state law Imagine if your neighbor didn’t bother to sort their recycling from their compost but you got charged a fine – even though you followed the rules. That wouldn’t be fair, but that’s similar to what the City Council did last year when it passed legislation that created a strange new requirement that […]

A Builder Perspective: Why Housing Is So Expensive.


Last week I went to a meeting with Seattle City Light with about a dozen small builders who work mainly in the south end of the City or just outside it but are still served by Seattle City Light. They were mad. For many of them, the meeting was the last desperate attempt to get […]

MIZ: Harder Than It Has To Be

MIZ Complicated

You remember that Facebook relationship status, “It’s Complicated?” That’s the status supporters and opponents of Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) would have to select when it comes to how they’d explain their relationship to requirements to include rent restricted housing in exchange for modest upzones. Explaining why MIZ works or doesn’t work isn’t easy. It’s complicated! […]