Senator Braun: “Why is housing so expensive?”

In what has become a bipartisan quest in Olympia both the Governor and the Senate are now asking the same questions we’ve been asking: why is housing so expensive to build? That question applies to both non-profit subsidized housing and market rate housing. The difference as I’ve pointed out is that when prices go up […]

Sightline Corroborates Our Message….Again!

Dan Bertolet at the Sightline Institute has delivered his promised post on the impact of Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) on low-rise zones in the city. The news is what we’ve been saying a million times: MIZ won’t work and will actually make prices for housing in Seattle worse, not better. Indeed, my previous case studies […]

CCAB Chooses Slightly More Flexibility for SEDUs

The months long progress over inches and feet at the Construction Code Advisory Board (CCAB) has come to a close and a recommendation has been made to modestly improve the friction between the land use code that allows a minimum sized unit for Small Efficiency Dwelling Units (SEDUs) of 220 square feet and the building […]