Opening Up Single-Family Zones: “An Opportunity for a Decent Life”

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The Seattle City Council actually did the right thing yesterday, passing Councilmember O’Brien’s legislation to permit encampments for people who are homeless and including an amendment by Councilmember Sawant to study encampments in single-family zones. We supported the legislation and the amendment, agreeing with Councilmember Sawant who said in yesterday’s discussion that: We are all […]

City Builder: Arts and Culture Always Part of a Great City


I had a chance today to talk with a local artist about space for art and culture. His project would bring a new gallery and work space for artists to a great downtown space. We agreed on one thing: Seattle needs to figure out how to grow, create more jobs, and build more housing while […]

A Friend in Need of Parking Context


Publicola has another perspective on Sunday’s Seattle Times story about parking. My criticism got me in hot water with a Facebook “friend” who subsequently defriended me over my comments about Mike Lindbloom’s use of an elderly lady to hype Seattle’s parking situation. It’s an indication of how emotional the topic is, and Publicola points out […]