‘Equity’ is a Cover for Redistributing Wealth to Single-Family Home Owners

Equity Teles

The housing discussion in Seattle is  so rife with jingoism and rhetorical sawdust that trying to figure out what the housing problem ( if there is a problem at all) might be and how best to solve it is exceedingly difficult. Phrases like “social justice” and “equity” are frequently thrown about and it is impossible to tell […]

Seattle Times Right and Wrong on Grand Bargain

Grand Bargain neighborhoods

The Seattle Times weighed in yesterday on the passage earlier in the week of key legislation that starts the City down the road of mandatory inclusionary zoning through the much hyped Grand Bargain. We’ve pointed out that, so far, the math isn’t working: the mandatory upzones proposed for neighborhood builders will cost more than the rent revenue […]

O’Brien, Sawant Grandstand While Apartment Owner Fixes Problems


It’s a pretty simple story. A new owner buys a building that has run down from an owner who used the deferred maintenance as a subsidy for lower rents. Often the buildings are so run down they don’t meet City standards for heal the and safety. So the new owner has to make repairs and […]