Has Seattle Reached its Emotional Limit on Growth?


Danny Wesneat has a mixed record on writing about growth in Seattle. His most recent column, “Seattle’s latest growth industry: bemoaning what’s been lost,” has the following paragraph: But I do wonder: When we’ve taken to memorializing even the loss of our grocery stores, maybe the pace of change has pushed us to some sort […]

Take the Survey on Minimum Room and Dwelling Unit Sizes


I’ve been serving on a subcommittee of the Construction Code Advisory Board (CCAB) on smaller living spaces. I know, what’s the CCAB? Well, the CCAB is a hard working group of experts in various fields of construction and building that review changes to the building code. The building code is a powerful way of ensuring […]

MIZ Example: No Value Exchange, Just Higher Prices


I’ve been writing about the problems with Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) for a long time now. In short, MIZ is infeasible, inflationary, and most likely illegal. The idea of extracting money to pay for rent restricted housing might be a good political solution but it would add costs that would make some projects infeasible and […]