Sawant: Performance Artist, Not a Wonky Policymaker, and The Stranger Loves Her

Very few people in town have noticed the odd behavior of socialist Councilmember Kshama Sawant when it comes to the infeasible, inflationary, and illegal program of Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) being inflicted on the city through the so called Grand Bargain — the notion that we can make housing more affordable by taxing the production […]

Dwell Development Introduces New High Performance Home

The following is a guest post from Dwell Development. Dwell has been a leader in creating great housing all over the city and especially in the Rainier Valley and Columbia City. We featured their work previously in a post about their passive house project. Dwell Development, Seattle’s award-winning leader in sustainable home building, is excited to […]

Design Review Update Will Make Housing More Expensive

The City is currently considering changes to the design review process. In short, creating a square footage threshold for design review is a good idea and something we’ve been asking for a long time. In fact, when the fight over microhousing was about whether it ought to go through design review, we argued that since […]