Design Review Update Will Make Housing More Expensive

The City is currently considering changes to the design review process. In short, creating a square footage threshold for design review is a good idea and something we’ve been asking for a long time. In fact, when the fight over microhousing was about whether it ought to go through design review, we argued that since […]

The Black Hole: David Neiman on the Latest Changes to SEDUs

I know everyone is obsessing with James Comey right now, but here’s something that actually matters: what’s happening to smaller and more efficient apartments in Seattle because of regulation. Noted architect and Small Efficient Dwelling Unit (SEDU) advocate and expert has been warning the City about what their new rules are likely to do to […]

South Lake Union: If You Want Good Design, Just Add People

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been writing the same blog post over and over again for the last 10 years, and you probably feel like you’ve been reading the same post for a decade too. What’s confounding about my work and writing over the years is the degree to which very little has changed except […]