Environmental Impact of MIZ: Our Comments to the City

EIS Comments

In an earlier post I mentioned that the City has found a Determination of Significance (DS) for their Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) proposal which they call Mandatory Housing Affordability – Residential (MHA – R). This is our comment for their process of determining the environmental impacts of MHA -R. We think they are significant.  Our […]

Lot Suit: One Builder’s Story

Townhomes Seattle

I am posting two declarations we submitted as part of our law suit against the City’s abutting lot rule. The first one is from local builder Graham Black. The file is a PDF that translates as an image. So I am posting a screen shot of one key paragraph. The abutting lot rule was intended […]

“Beauty Has a Price:” Design as a Weapon Against Growth


Drew Atkins has a great article over at Crosscut headlined, “NIMBYs are wrong on housing, says math.” The opening paragraph is perfect for memorial day: When it comes to the merits of desecrating graveyards, you’d likely find champions among some housing density zealots. “Sure, it’s disrespectful to build micro-apartments on top of the dead,” they […]