“Beauty Has a Price:” Design as a Weapon Against Growth


Drew Atkins has a great article over at Crosscut headlined, “NIMBYs are wrong on housing, says math.” The opening paragraph is perfect for memorial day: When it comes to the merits of desecrating graveyards, you’d likely find champions among some housing density zealots. “Sure, it’s disrespectful to build micro-apartments on top of the dead,” they […]

A Real Grand Bargain: Leave Single-Family Alone!

Neighborhood Gothic

Let’s face it, zoning is obsolete; it’s a 20th century solution to a 19th century problem, the encroachment of intense and messy uses of land next to less intense uses of land. In the last century, almost a 100 years ago, toxic industrial uses and people shared the same block. Zoning was initially a kind […]

Reflections on Opening Day: Light Rail is People

Light Rail is People

In both transportation and land use it is easy to lose sight of one basic fact: what matters most it isn’t the bricks, the tracks, the design, the routes, the heights but people. At this last weekends opening of the latest link in Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail, there was lots of talk about the […]