South Lake Union: If You Want Good Design, Just Add People

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been writing the same blog post over and over again for the last 10 years, and you probably feel like you’ve been reading the same post for a decade too. What’s confounding about my work and writing over the years is the degree to which very little has changed except […]

Letter to the Editor: Follow Up from Mike Scott

Yesterday I posted my letter to the Seattle Times about an upcoming story they appeared to be putting together. The story ran and it had the usual Mad Lib headline:  After brief slowdown, Seattle-area rents surge back up again; when will it end? Well not too long passed before I got this e-mail in my in box: […]

Smart Growth Seattle on Seattle Forecast Panel

Bisnow is hosting an event called SEATTLE FORECAST 2017: The Roadmap For Seizing 2017 In The Emerald City and I will be on the panel as the “Supply Champion.” The panel is at the Four Seasons this Thursday morning at 8AM. What’s Bisnow? I’ll let them explain: We’re intensely curious about commercial real estate. If this […]