Seattle Times’ Self Parody and Learning to Tell a Better Story¬†

Times Self Parody

There are some stories that write or tell themselves. Think of the story of Goldylocks and the three bears, or Little Red Riding Hood. Then there’s the one about how Seattle is suffering under the great strain and burden of new people coming here. Same old story, same protagonists and antagonists, and the same outcome: […]

Seattle Magazine on Tower Spacing: Rich People’s Views or More Housing?


I’ve already written about Councilmember Sally Bagshaw’s self serving efforts to squash more housing construction downtown with a tower spacing scheme. Now¬†Seattle Magazine has an article about the fight brewing downtown about allowing more height and lot coverage. The problem with Bagshaw’s efforts, along from being a weird conflict of interest and possibly limiting housing […]

George Lucas on the Down Side of Star Wars: “There’s More to it Than That.”

You didn’t think you’d be reading about Star Wars here did you? Well, here’s my Star Wars post. Why Star Wars? Well, George Lucas, the creator of the epic series of films, did an interview with Charlie Rose at the end of last year talking about his feelings about saying goodbye to Star Wars (he […]