Senator Braun: “Why is housing so expensive?”


In what has become a bipartisan quest in Olympia both the Governor and the Senate are now asking the same questions we’ve been asking: why is housing so expensive to build? That question applies to both non-profit subsidized housing and market rate housing. The difference as I’ve pointed out is that when prices go up […]

Cost Per Unit: The Washington State Housing Finance Commission Responds


I just got response to my e-mailed question to Kim Herman the head of the Washington State Housing Finance Commission. It helps, but it doesn’t get at the underlying issue of figuring out how expensive projects like 12th Avenue Arts really are in the larger scheme of things. I try to be as transparent as […]

Cost Per Unit: The High Price of Non-Profit Subsidized Housing

Cost Per Unit

I’ve been pointing out the high cost of affordable housing for awhile now. I have referred to the cost by talking about the cost per unit, and highlighting the 12th Avenue Arts project on Capitol Hill in particular. What I have found interesting is how often I am told, “That’s not a fair way to […]