From Oregon: Model Code for DADUs


Eli Spevak who was a co-presenter with me several weeks ago on a panel exploring alternative housing models sent me a great blog post outlining a model code for what we call in Seattle DADUs or Detached Accessory Dwelling Units. This housing option has also been called backyard cottages. As editors of, we’d like […]

State Must Step Up to Housing Need


As executive directors of housing advocacy organizations, we hear a lot about the state’s affordable housing shortage. We hear from advocates with full time jobs, unable to find an apartment close to their work. We’ve listened in on the stories of families struggling to buy a home by their ideal school. Even our own staff members have recently had to move because of skyrocketing Seattle rents. […]

Why is Housing Expensive? Builders Know.


Editors Note: This post originated from a discussion about linkage taxes at the presentation of the painting pictured above to honor Martha Rose’s service over the past year as President of the Master Builders Association. Her e-mail reminded me of F. A. Hayek‘s seminal article, The Use of Knowledge in Society, written in 1945. Rose succinctly […]