You’ve Come a Long Way on Housing Supply, Seattle; Sort of


I remember it clearly, and to protect the guilty I won’t name names. But the conversation was about — what else? — housing, and I was with a person who worked for the Mayor’s office at the time and some other familiar faces of urbanism. Why, I asked wasn’t the Mayor’s housing committee (yes there […]

Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going


Each year, as part of my annual report to our board, funders, and allies, I write a kind of State of Smart Growth introduction. It’s also intended to be encouragement for our sometimes beaten down side  of the growth, housing, and density argument — and for me who is the guy that does this all […]

Homelessness and Encampments: What Can Seattle Learn from Utah?


Seattle’s Mayor Ed Murray took to the pages of the Seattle Times recently to bemoan the criticism he’s been getting for his proposal to sweep away homeless encampments throughout the city. Murray said that activists and supporters of a different approach were playing, “a tired, old ideological game,” starting a “food fight,” and engaging in […]