Deregulating the Arts in Seattle


It’s a familiar pattern. An arts organization lands a great deal on space in Seattle. The new space is flexible, allows for artists to be noisy and make a lot of dust preparing and tearing down shows, and it’s super cheap. Somehow nobody noticed that big white sign out in front, the one with the […]

Mayor and City Council Still Riding the MIZ Tiger. But for How Long?

A couple of more cracks appeared in Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) in the last couple weeks. First, Councilmembers are beginning to take the idea of a lawsuit seriously and they haven’t figured out what to do if it is successful. Second, growing pressure from angry neighbors about U District upzones is taking its toll on […]

Hey Wallingford: Developers and Builders Didn’t Ask for and Won’t Benefit from MIZ


There are so many really dubious arguments being advanced by the Wallingford Community Council (WCC) and by wannabe Councilmember Alex Pedersen against upzones in the U District, that knocking them all down could take weeks. It’d be a lot easier for them and everyone involved if they’d just say what they mean and what they want: we’re worried […]