The Mayor and City: Bad Policy Backed by Bad Data.

There is a pretty damning report by Daniel Person at the Seattle Weekly that found the City, and in particular the Mayor, cooked the books on the impacts of the $15 minimum wage To review, the timeline seems to have gone like this: The UW shares with City Hall an early draft of its study […]

Affordable Seattle: Magical Thinking Meets Brute Force

I discovered something this weekend, a new website created by the socialist party in Seattle called Affordable Seattle. What would be funny if it wasn’t so serious is how wrong the website is about who is actually running Seattle. The website is sort of Orwellian in its narrative of “big business” and promising that if […]

Fighting Racism in Seattle Means Building More Housing, Not Less

[They’ll] make you think that they’re doing you a favor. Some of you asked me today about the Oakie Doak, well that is a classic example of the Oakie Doak. And what is the Oakie Doak? A thing, a promise given as if it has great value when in fact it is useless, always designed […]