The Stockholm Effect: Free Housing is Expensive When There isn’t Enough

Before a share a stunning article about the housing situation in Stockholm I want to restate the point I made yesterday: Even if housing was free, an entitlement guaranteed to every person or family, if there isn’t enough, high prices will be replaced with rationing. In other words, what drives housing access issues isn’t greed […]

One More Time: Even if Housing Was Free, We’d Still Need More

Once again The Stranger’s Charles Mudede is spinning a jargon rich but still fantastical tale to get to his point: decommodify housing. Or, in other words, make housing an entitlement. Or in one word, make housing free! Mudede’s opinion matters because, even though I totally disagree with him, he is one of the few people […]

Parable of LimeBike: What if the City Council Treated Bike Share Like Housing?

The other day I was at a meeting in Fremont. When it was done, I decided I’d just walk back to my office in South Lake Union. It was a beautiful day, I could make calls and still send a couple e-mails on the way. I got a across the Fremont Bridge, and there, right […]