Linkage Tax: Some Encouraging Words

sally and tom

I’ve been trying to school my colleagues to express their thoughts about the performance of Councilmembers forcefully, clearly, and often. When a City Councilmember does something that is against our interest we should point it out, even if it seems aggressive and critical. The truth is that public officials need to be criticized, it’s part […]

A Tax for Housing? OK, Sure!


Ok. I give up. Let’s tax ourselves for housing. After all, housing is essential for job and population growth. We should support more of a good thing, right? But here’s the deal, the tax should be legal, equally assessed, and the revenues generated ought to solve our greatest housing need, housing for poor families. And […]

Linkage Tax: Are We Going to San Francisco?

San Francisco was the place to go to be groovy and get some free love. In fact, the city was such a fantastic place with so much innovation it’s growth alarmed the locals. Today, far from being the place where you’d go for a love in and end up living, it’s one of the highest […]