Running Scared: Clark Pushes Low-Rise Legislation

Bill and Sally

The campaign season has begun, and it should be no surprise that housing is already featuring in one of the contests. Noted growth and microhousing opponent Bill Bradburd has announced he’s running against Councilmember Sally Clark. Clark, not particularly a friend of microhousing or growth either, has filed to run for one of the two […]

Bay Area Courage: “Build as Fast as People Move Here.”

It’s all set. I’m going to San Francisco to be part of a panel on housing. I’m not sure I will wear any flowers in my hair, but I will for sure be ready to tell stories about how things are going here is Seattle. And I am looking forward to learning from members of […]

HB 1084: Pollett Pushes Anti-Housing Legislation Again


Last year you may remember State Representative Gerry Pollett’s efforts to pass legislation that would have provoked more costly appeals of new housing in single-family zones. We posted about the legislation then and urged people to contact Representative Pollett to urge him to stop pushing the legislation. Fortunately, last year, that legislation failed. But Pollett is back with House […]