We’re #32!: Seattle Data Doesn’t Warrant Rent Panic


I pointed out yesterday in my post about the Seattle Way that here in Seattle we haven’t been very smart about housing policy. That’s mostly because we rely on data that has no relationship to the housing market place or the way people actually build, finance, and buy housing products. If we look at data […]

O’Brien, Sawant Grandstand While Apartment Owner Fixes Problems


It’s a pretty simple story. A new owner buys a building that has run down from an owner who used the deferred maintenance as a subsidy for lower rents. Often the buildings are so run down they don’t meet City standards for heal the and safety. So the new owner has to make repairs and […]

Mike Scott: A Crisis of Hyperbole

Over at the City Builder page on Facebook there’s been a fair amount of confusion about the idea that we’re not in a rental housing crisis — at least in terms of price. It’s worth watching the video and reading the original blog post on his site.