Debate with Councilmember Sawant on Rent Control


I’ve been challenged to debate Councimember Kshama Sawant on rent control. I accepted the challenge and the debate is tentatively set for Monday, July 20th at Town Hall in Seattle. We’re still working out the details but please put the date on your calendar. We’d like to have people who don’t support rent control show up […]

Bricks and Mortar? The Costs of Affordable Housing

Bricks and Mortar

It is very difficult to find a clear and empirical comparison of the costs to bring an affordable housing development (here defined as a development with significant subsidy for construction either in the form of government grants or tax credits) and a market rate housing development. Affordable housing projects have many unique costs, and often […]

Density is People


Every once in awhile I get writers block; what else is there to say about growth? It’s pretty simple, we are a growing city and we need more housing. Let’s get moving on increasing housing supply, choice and opportunity. How many different ways can we say that? Then sometimes I read someone else write something […]