Let’s Make a Deal? What if the City Wanted to Negotiate on MIZ?


What if the City decides to listen to us and invites us to talk about the Mayor’s proposed Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) proposal? What principles should we take if we’re asked to negotiate or compromise on the proposal? How do we ensure that whatever emerges from the political process doesn’t do long lasting damage to […]

Another Fable About Knowledge, Supply, and Demand

King Avacado

A long time ago there was an island Kingdom called Elltaes. There were many wonderful things about the Kingdom. It was beautiful and had many natural resources. The people, on the surface, were warm and welcoming. And the Kingdom had so many wonderful things about that many people wanted to move there from other more […]

A Builder Weighs in On Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning


Rob McVicars is a principal and builder at Build Sound, a firm with the mission “to compose inspired, timeless architecture, and green, sustainable projects. He sent this comment in to the Mayor and Seattle City Council about the Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) scheme being proposed by the Mayor and considered by the Seattle City Council. You can send […]