Latest Mad Lib on Rents from the Seattle Times

mad libs

When I was growing up and we went to Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) book giveaways I was always sure to find a Mad Lib book, the books of short stories with blanks that the reader with friends fill out to make an amusing story.¬†While they weren’t usually on my selection list other kids did like […]

One Year Ago: The Great Rent Control Debate

Some called it the Brawl at Town Hall. Ol’ Josh Feit at Publicola called it at the time a “non-sequitur.” Others thought is was a bad idea to engage with the Socialist Councilmember Kshama Sawant during an election year on a dangerous topic. In the end, it was a hot evening in Town Hall but […]

Redfin Confirms: Less Housing Means Higher Prices


I know. It’s weird that we have to go over this again, and again, and again but if we’re worried about housing prices being too high, the answer is to make more housing. In a recent post at Redfin’s blog by the Urban Institute points this out yet again with a retrospective look at national […]