Seattle Times: Helping the Discussion on Housing or Making it Worse?


Yesterday at noon the Seattle Times’ Sanjay Bhatt hosted an online forum on housing. I couldn’t participate but you can see the thread of comments and discussion by visiting the log of the chat at the Seattle Times website. The fact that the Times would host this kind of forum is great. The region’s largest […]

Portland’s Worried About Growth and Housing Too


Portland’s Metro Council recently had a briefing about growth in the Portland  over the next 20 years. The numbers are even bigger than Seattle’s growth numbers. From the Portland Tribune: Portland planners say the city can house half the people expected to move to the metropolitan area during the next 20 years. They predict 123,000 […]

All About That Base

Mike Scott

If you haven’t seen Mike Scott of Dupre + Scott present you’ve missed out. The best I can do is post his Power Point presentation from our Spring Dinner. I hope we’ll have Mike back on a regular basis. There are few in the real estate business that can present the basic facts of supply […]