San Francisco: What a Real Debate About Housing Looks Like

Campos Wiener

I pointed out how desultory the City Council’s discussion about housing has become. Councilmembers seem to be sleepwalking through the most important discussion our city has ever had about housing. Instead of engaging with the community and each other, Councilmembers are rubber stamping legislation that will end up doing serious damage to housing affordability. However, […]

Council Does More Damage to Affordability Without Debate

I think the Seattle City Council has forgotten what a legislative body does: debate issues. Yesterday the City Council, with very little process or discussion, plowed ahead and passed substantial changes to the Multifamily Tax Exemption (MFTE) Program for Small Efficiency Dwelling Units or SEDUs, the new version of microhousing created by the City last […]

City Council Poised to Make Damaging Changes to MFTE


Once again the Seattle City Council has ignored the math and concerns from builders and is ready to substantially chance the voluntary Multifamily Tax Exemption program in a way that will reduce participation. Councilmember Sally Clark will propose legislation to the full Council later this morning that will lower the threshold for affordability to 40 […]