Small Lot Hearing This Friday

We’ve been hearing  about the problems with small-lot legislation being considered by the City Council. Here’s what David Neiman a local architect says about the problems created by the legislation because of it’s efforts to placate a small group of angry neighbors:  These defects are known to the planners at DPD.  They understand them and fully appreciate […]

Downzoning Your Dreams

Thurbanist Diagram

The evidence continues to build that small-lot legislation offered by the Department of Planning and Development makes things worse for everyone involved, including owners of existing single-family homeowners. Matt Gangemi writing at The Urbanist calls the legislation Seattle’s Largest Downzone. If you live on a lot less than a 3,200 square feet in size, the maximum […]

Ideas for Change: Seattle’s Housing Future

The Future

The debate and discussion over housing can sometimes take an ugly turn, especially when facing opponents of small-lot housing, microhousing, and people that want jobs and housing to go somewhere else. There are days when all we do is defense, batting away the lastest half-truth about supply and demand, or arguing why we should be […]

Seattle Times Story on Displacement: Fixing the Narrative


Many people have been expressing their annoyance with yet another story on the front page of the Seattle Times wringing its hands over the plight of displaced people in the face of what some call, “runaway growth.” Every single person in this city faced with a housing crisis deserves our compassion and help, whether they […]

Small-Lots: Don’t Stop an Innovative Housing Solution


Here are the comments I delivered to the Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee this afternoon. The outcome we are looking for from the Council is legislation that supports more small-lot development that is predictable and scaled to housing already in neighborhoods. The 80 Percent Rule does that. Comments to PLUS Committee on April […]

PLUS Committee: Mike Scott on Multi-family Housing Market

Tucked into today’s busy agenda for the Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability (PLUS) is a presentation from local real estate expert Mike Scott of Dupre and Scott Apartment Advisors. Scott has for years provided data for developers and others trying to figure out trends in multifamily housing in the city. His charts and data are […]

PLUS Schedule: Busy Weeks Ahead


City Council staff has set out the schedule for the Planning Land Use and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee for the coming weeks. The PLUS Committee will be considering legislation that potentially can have big impacts on building of new single-family homes and microhousing. These will be some of the most important land use decisions the Council […]

The Rents They Are a Changing

Rents Change

The politics of housing in Seattle are all about prices, especially monthly rents. One side of the debate argues that if we create more housing options and choices in housing location and type, we’d get better places to live and stable or lowered prices. The other side of the argument holds that when we build […]

Tonight on KIRO Radio: Out of Scale? Look Across the Street!

photo 1

Tonight at 7:30 I’ll be on the Jason Rantz Show broadcast on KIRO FM, 97.3 to respond to this morning’s story on microhousing. I’ll be pointing out that the microhousing being built in Eastlake is completely in scale with everything else in the neighborhood. See for yourself what the neighborhood looks like in the pictures […]

Have Any Red Herrings? KIRO is Buying Them!

KIRO Has and Appetite for Red Herrings

Once again local media—this time KIRO Radio—has played right into the NIMBYs hands with a story on this morning’s radio and a post on their website. The headline? Microhousing trend in Seattle ruining property values, warns real estate agent  I talked with the producer of the story Zak Burns and took him to task for […]