Thursday: Pacific Legal Foundation to Talk Grand Bargain and Takings

PLF Logo

Ethan Blevins of the Pacific Legal Foundation (the Foundation) will join us this Thursday at the regular breakfast meeting of the Seattle Builders Council (7:30AM at the Blue Star Cafe in Wallingford). Blevins will talk about the Foundation’s work in land use and housing and talk about his thoughts on legal issues related to the […]

Hello, It’s Me: Call the Mayor About HALA


1982 called, and it was the Mayor. He said he wants you to call him back about something called HALA? I saved the message.      

Design Review Goof: Important Meeting for Builders on Wednesday, December 9

I Told You So

I’ve decided that my tombstone will have the following latin phrase carved into it: DIXI VOBIS. That roughly (and I was terrible at Latin so I welcome edits) translates to, “I told you so!” Dealing with members of the City Council, City Staff, “urbanists,” and press has taught me to keep careful track of what […]