Don’t Make it Worse, Make it Better: Time for a Housing Plan


Often City Council meetings can get really crowded and not everyone gets a chance to speak. And two minutes goes by really fast. So, I am posting what I plan to say at tonight’s Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability meeting on Incentive Zoning. Whether I get to say it or not, you get to read […]

Buildable Lands Report: The End of Single Family?


 This year’s Buildable Lands Report, a “mid-term check in” for local 10 year Comprehensive Plans, shows some disturbing trends in housing supply. In King County, decision makers, including the Seattle City Council, have restricted the future of both single-family and multifamily segments of the housing market, limiting single-family construction to an extremely small amount of land and […]

Are We Losing the Progress in our Progressivism?


These comments were the closing remarks at the 2014 DSA Annual Meeting by Jack McCullough, Chair of the Downtown Seattle Association on June 4, 2014. I am posting them in full here because I think McCullough points out some uncomfortable but important realities about where we’re going as a city when it comes to growth. […]