Slides From First Meeting of Mayor’s Housing Committee

Here is a data rich slide show from the first meeting of what’s being called the Housing and Livability Agenda or HALA. I picked this up from Seattle Bubble (and also got the link from others) which had a great comment about supply I  agree with even though I have not reviewed the entire deck: I […]

On the Radio: Housing, Growth, and Rent Control

Today between 1 and 2PM I’ll be on the “Rental Property Coach” radio show on AM 1590 talking about housing and development and, very likely, rent control. The show is recorded at this time and then broadcast on Saturday morning. We are able, however, to take calls with questions or comments. If you have questions […]

Don’t Make it Worse, Make it Better: Time for a Housing Plan


Often City Council meetings can get really crowded and not everyone gets a chance to speak. And two minutes goes by really fast. So, I am posting what I plan to say at tonight’s Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability meeting on Incentive Zoning. Whether I get to say it or not, you get to read […]