Martha Rose on Micros: Let’s Overcome Fear of Change

Established Neighborhoods

The following is an e-mail that was sent to Seattle City Council President Tim Burgess encouraging that the Council take a different approach to microhousing legislation. We need many more of these kinds of messages to get to Council as they consider legislation this week and next.  Dear Mr Burgess, I have lived in Seattle […]

Zoning in Seattle – Does It Make Sense?


Seattle, like just about every city small and large in the U.S., has a built environment dictated by a land-use code. We use this code to determine what can be built where, how big or small the building can be, how dense it can be (housing units/X square feet, for example), how much parking is […]

How Would We Stop Growth Anyway?

No Growth

One of the more common complaints I hear when I work on various volunteer efforts I’m a part of, or following local news, is that Seattle is growing too much and too fast; too many people moving here, the growth is unsustainable; the cost of living is out of control from so many high-paid new […]