Forget Amazon: Local Housing Builders May Have to Leave Seattle Too

Editors note: This post was originally an email responding to a fundraising request. Smart Growth Seattle is funded largely by small and medium sized, family owned business like the one Gary Cobb operates. While the Seattle Chamber of Commerce is just waking up to the deliberate efforts to slow and stop new housing development, builders […]

Dwell Development Introduces New High Performance Home

The following is a guest post from Dwell Development. Dwell has been a leader in creating great housing all over the city and especially in the Rainier Valley and Columbia City. We featured their work previously in a post about their passive house project. Dwell Development, Seattle’s award-winning leader in sustainable home building, is excited to […]

A Message from Weld Seattle

Note: I’m sharing this message on behalf of Amy King with Weld Seattle. If you aren’t familiar with Weld take a minute to read this email and check out the attachments. Together with other programs and organizations, Weld Seattle is helping people with criminal records transition into life and work here in Seattle.  Hello Smart Growth […]