Seattle as Open City: Upzone Single-Family, End Exclusionary Zoning


Part two of a post by David Moser. David Moser works on housing for Neighborhood House, a local non-profit. This post is a draft of an in-process working paper and was selected as a finalist in Seattle University’s Policy Incubator Competition, part of it’s Master of Public Administration program.  Exclusionary Zoning in Seattle There are obviously many […]

Seattle as an Open City: Seattle’s Growth and Rising Housing Costs


The central argument of this post is that Seattle is facing a crisis of housing scarcity, and so municipal zoning restrictions on the supply of housing should be lifted. Seattle is currently the fastest growing large city in the United States. According to U.S. Census figures, in the one-year period from July 2012 through July […]

The price of market freedom


I’ve found that many people conflate supply and demand, or price-based resource allocation, with the pseudo-ideal of a libertarian “free market”. Supply and demand is an explanation for how the world works, not a value statement. If the number of people who want X and don’t have it exceeds the number of people who have […]