City Council Uses Fuzzy Math and Invisible Methodology on MFTE


Councilmembers, As a HALA member I took a keen interest in discussions around the MFTE program.  I am pleased that the program will be made permanent, expanded in geography, and now includes all unit sizes.  I am also pleased that the council has committed to work with the state on a number of potential expansions […]

Rent Control: Are You Sure?


The Seattle City Council, in its wisdom, has validated the discussion of “rent control.” It is asking the State Legislature to allow local governments the option to enact rent control, which as of now is prohibited by State law. As in everything in life–sorry folks–it’s not that simple. What to discuss? Right now “rent control” […]

David Neiman: A Smart and Fair Approach to MFTE


The MFTE program is a vitally important tool that leverages market rate development participation in the effort to increase the supply of affordable housing units in Seattle. Over the last couple years, the city has struggled to incorporate small unit development into the program. City policy has been at turns overly permissive and punitive, with […]