The price of market freedom


I’ve found that many people conflate supply and demand, or price-based resource allocation, with the pseudo-ideal of a libertarian “free market”. Supply and demand is an explanation for how the world works, not a value statement. If the number of people who want X and don’t have it exceeds the number of people who have […]

State Must Step Up to Housing Need


As executive directors of housing advocacy organizations, we hear a lot about the state’s affordable housing shortage. We hear from advocates with full time jobs, unable to find an apartment close to their work. We’ve listened in on the stories of families struggling to buy a home by their ideal school. Even our own staff members have recently had to move because of skyrocketing Seattle rents. […]

Is Seattle Down for the Count on Affordable Housing?

Recently I have begun to envision Seattle housing affordability personified as an overmatched, undersized boxer who has gotten knocked down time and time again, but through sheer grit, courage and resolve continues to get up off the mat and keep fighting. The repeated knock downs represent the series of beatings Seattle housing has taken in […]