Making the Case for Density in Portland

We’re pleased to have Tim DuBois as a guest here to share his presentation and his experience taking on the task of explaining the benefits of density to his local neighborhood group. Tim got in touch back in March and in an email he said, “I am hoping to start a grassroots movement to end […]

Guest Post: Attract Private Investors to Finance Housing for the Homeless

When the Mayor declared Seattle’s homelessness epidemic a state of emergency one year ago, he reported that more money should be spent on “housing-focused” solutions.[1] Providing immediate access to permanent supportive housing has been proven effective in ending chronic homelessness.[2] Last September, the city issued a “Pathways Home” plan for tackling the homelessness emergency. Marking […]

David Neiman: Some Basic Facts on Small Efficiency Dwelling Units

On February 16th, the Construction Code Advisory Board (CCAB) will make a final recommendation on reconciling the conflicts between the land use code which sets a minimum unit size for apartments at 220 square feet and the building code that has strong minimum size requirements within those units for habitability. This issue was hotly contested […]