Here We Go Again: Opposing Growth and Housing Using Preservation


Last year we managed to face down and avoid former Councilmember Tom Rasmussen’s efforts to create what he called Preservation Districts in neighborhoods. That effort would have allowed neighbors to essentially declare a moratorium on anything changing in their vicinity by requiring what would amount to a vote on any new housing or commercial project. […]

Move In Rules More Rent Control Through the Back Door


Update 10/3/2016: The Seattle City Council has passed out of committee legislation that is, essentially, piecemeal rent control. The proposed legislation is full of unintended consequences and won’t work. Here’s a comprehensive explanation of why from the Rental Housing Association of Washington shared at today’s Council hearing on the legislation.  Re: CB 118756 – caps on […]

Environmental Impact of MIZ: Our Comments to the City

EIS Comments

In an earlier post I mentioned that the City has found a Determination of Significance (DS) for their Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) proposal which they call Mandatory Housing Affordability – Residential (MHA – R). This is our comment for their process of determining the environmental impacts of MHA -R. We think they are significant.  Our […]