Rough Ride Again: City Charges Forward With Parks Proposal


Last Thursday at the end of a long day, someone sent me a message about a story on the 11PM KING 5 News about the Roosevelt neighborhood and zoning. It turns out that the City Attorney, Mayor, and Council were having a big press conference the next morning announcing they are going to seize some […]

New Directors Rule Will Restore Some Parking Exemptions


In response to a Hearing Examiner’s decision that eliminated using a GIS map and an averaging of headways to determining frequent transit, the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) has issued a new clarifying rule about parking exemptions in those area. The decision by the Examiner in December had cast doubt over many housing projects […]

State of the City: Mayor Commits $35 Million for . . .


Earlier this week Mayor Murray gave his State of the City Address, a speech that mirrors the Presidential State of the Union Address given to the United States Congress. In his speech here’s what Mayor Murray had to say about affordable housing: As with our minimum wage task force, we have brought together people with […]