Preservation Tax Exemption: An Efficient and Sensible Way to Preserve Older Housing


Yesterday, in Olympia, I gave some comments to the┬áSenate Human Services, Mental Health & Housing about Senate Bill 5182. The proposal was offered in a previous legislative session but failed to pass. I think this proposal called the “Preservation Tax Exemption,” is a great idea if it’s done correctly. The idea is to expand the […]

Bright Idea Department: Democracy Vouchers


In snail mail boxes all over Seattle, registered voters are getting an unusual envelope filled with something called, “Democracy Vouchers.” Each registered voter in town will get $100 worth of vouchers in $25 increments. The idea is that anyone with a voucher can give it to the candidate of their choice provided that the candidate […]

Letter to Senator Fain: The High Cost of Affordable Housing


I’ve been writing a bit more at Forbes this last couple weeks. But I thought I’d spark some interest here too on the same theme I’ve been pushing lately on Forbes, the high costs of affordable housing. I’m not sure it’ll get very far, but I’d like to see the legislature take on this issue […]