IZ and Inclusion: It’s Time to Move on to Better Ideas


Update: here’s a statement from CHHIP’s Communications office. It is incorrect to say that the Capitol Hill Housing board is no longer endorsing this policy. The board decided not to take a position on either side of incentive or inclusionary zoning policy. Recently the Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program (CHHIP) decided they are no longer endorsing incentive […]

Where Has All the (Affordable) Housing Gone? Everywhere.

Capitol Hill Housing 
133 Pontius Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Last week I responded to Chris Persons at the Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program (CHHIP) who claimed that without inclusionary zoning, Seattle would end up a segregated city. I’ve offered Persons a chance to post a response here, without any editing, to keep the dialogue going (he hasn’t responded). And I have said to him […]

Our Response to Proposed Housing Strategy Committee


August 6, 2014 Dear Councilmember Clark, Thank you for proposing a resolution to create a Comprehensive Housing Strategy Advisory Committee.  We think this is a step in the right direction since we have called for the City Council to develop a comprehensive housing plan[1]. Attached you will the find the names of the many people […]