Commercial Linkage: Math that Makes You Go “Hmmmm.”

Commercial Math Post

For years we’ve been saying that the best thing to do if we want housing prices to stabilize or even go down is to build lots more housing, including subsidized housing. The basic economic principle is that price—whether it is for an apple at the local grocery store or Napoleon’s hat—is a quantitative measure of […]

It Started With Mike O’Brien: Rent Control for Commercial Space a Bad Idea

Let me start this post out by saying that I agree with more in Councilmember Sawant’s proposal for small business that she unveiled yesterday at City Hall. There is lots to talk about when it comes to improving small business in Seattle. But what Councilmember Sawant and her campaign don’t know or forgot is that […]

What the HALA?: Cassandra and Pollyanna Edition


There’s something I need to point out about the so called “Grand Bargain” struck between some people in the business and development community and non-profit housing community as a result of the Mayor’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) Committee. I’ll keep doing this even though, I think, my point is mostly being ignored by […]