“I Believe I Can Fly,” and Other Fantasies About MIZ

In case you missed it, the slow motion car crash called Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) just moved a few frames forward. The Seattle City Council passed it’s framework for downtown upzones in it’s Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) scheme to wring cash out of developers to buy pricey subsidized units from non-profit housing developers. I won’t […]

Seattle’s MHA Program is a Cash Machine for Non-Profits and Activists

Sometime early in 2016 after the Grand Bargain — a deal between large developers like Vulcan who build in downtown and South Lake Union, the City, and non-profit developers — I scheduled a visit with Seattle’s smartest Councilmember, Lisa Herbold. Surely she’d get that the so called Bargain was letting downtown developers like Vulcan off […]

Charts and Graphs: More Taxes Mean Higher Rents

Last week I participated in an interview of a landlord about whether it’s a good idea to have a renter’s commission. Tim Burgess is carrying Councilmember Sawant’s water again and proposing just such a thing, a group of renters empowered with City staff and funding to find more and more well intentioned rules to help […]