TIFsplainer: Can We Use TIF to Build Housing on City Owned Land?

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This post was written very quickly and mostly from memory. If you google my name and Tax Increment Financing, you’ll find a ton of stuff about many different aspects of this. But I wanted to get this all out even with some imperfections to get the conversation going. I’d suggest that along side this post […]

The 66th HALA Recommendation: Tax Increment Financing

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For so many years, whenever I was in a room or panel and the issue of housing or urban development came up you could be sure that I would make sure Tax Increment Financing (TIF) got into the discussion. It was a predilection that I took with me when I went to work at the […]

Most Promising HALA Recommendation: On-Street Parking Reform


Buried deep in the HALA document are a pair of recommendations that could, if pursued, really effect neighborhoods where new infill development and parking politics collide. By awarding recommendations “OP1 Create a parking benefit district and ‘cap and trade’ demonstration/pilot program“ and “OP2 Explore revising the Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) program” as the most promising […]