Linkage Fees: Will Seattle Start the San Francisco Death Spiral


The Seattle City Council is at it again. Councilmember Mike O’Brien wants a “linkage fee” on all new development in Seattle to raise money for subsidized housing. This new tax being discussed today in the Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee is supposed to lower rents. When have adding fees and costs to something […]

Why We Appealed the Low-Rise Downzone


This post originally appeared on July 1st of this year. I am reposting it because today we get to make our case before the City’s Hearing Examiner. We think we have a good case that shows that the Department of Planning and Development failed to adequately address the environmental impacts of what amounts to a […]

Microhousing: Burgess Didn’t Listen

Tim Loves NBA

Councilmember Tim Burgess has been sending out an e-mail in response to supporters of microhousing explaining the Council’s vote. Councilmembers often send out these kinds of comprehensive responses, and Burgess’ is mostly in the form of a blog post linked in an e-mail from his legislative aide. Along with comments at the very end of […]