Watching Pedestrian Designation Proposal


The Seattle City Council is considering expanding the number of areas that designated P or Pedestrian. Pedestrian zones are areas that have a lot of retail use concentrated in a way that allows more walking and less driving. In a way, designating more of these zones is both trying to preserve walkability and promote it. […]

London Calling: Housing Regulation Takes a Human Toll

Every once in awhile I get bombarded by an article. I’ll see it posted on Facebook by multiple people in multiple places, I’ll get it in e-mails, in news aggregators, and even, if you can believe this, in hard copy (the picture is from the main lounge at We Work). Often the article ends up […]

Opening Up Single-Family Zones: “An Opportunity for a Decent Life”

Screen shot 2015-03-30 at 5.10.41 PM

The Seattle City Council actually did the right thing yesterday, passing Councilmember O’Brien’s legislation to permit encampments for people who are homeless and including an amendment by Councilmember Sawant to study encampments in single-family zones. We supported the legislation and the amendment, agreeing with Councilmember Sawant who said in yesterday’s discussion that: We are all […]