$85,000 and the Sad Town House Lady


A great post at The Stranger’s Slog has been making the rounds on Facebook and social media. The post, To the Sad Owner of a Capitol Hill Town House, by Dan Savage challenges one of the most maudlin displays at a hearing about low-rise legislation a few weeks ago.  You’ll remember I mentioned the emotional […]

Smart Growth Seattle on the Radio: Neighborhoods, Linkage, and Zoning

I was on the radio on Friday talking with Dave Ross. The story that was posted later captured what I said: “I’m not advocating for no regulation,” Valdez said. “Health and safety, we should keep that stuff.” “But if you can get a loan from the bank to build an 80- or 100-story tower for […]

Council Bargains Away Housing in Mixed Low-Rise Vote


The stage was set: Which Councilmembers would appear to support or oppose Councilmember Tom Rasmussen’s terrible amendments to already not-so-great low-rise legislation? By the time deliberations began on his 8 amendments, 7 Councilmembers were present a the Planning Land Use and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee. As we’ve pointed out, the legislation went from bad, to better, […]