Housing Tax: Will “Eliminate . . . Sustainable Features.”

Sloan Ritchie

Local green developer Sloan Ritchie has delivered his verdict on Councilmember Mike O’Brien: It’s a bad idea. In an article in the Puget Sound Business Journal, Ritchie, founder of Cascade Built, talks about a project he just built, the first multifamily passive house in Seattle. Ritchie’s approach to building is articulated at the Cascade Built […]

PSRC: “Expand the Housing Trust Fund” for Transit Communities


I wrote last week about the importance of increasing funding to the State’s Housing Trust Fund (HTF). I suggested the importance of the HTF to supporting the intent of the Growth Management Act. Recently I discovered that the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) for similar reasons. Our region’s tax payers have spent billions on light […]

Put More Money in the Housing Trust Fund


I’ve already written about the basic math when it comes to meeting the demand for affordable housing in the next two decades: the Multifamily Tax Exemption Program and the Housing Levy very efficiently can meet that need. Meanwhile, the linkage tax being promoted by Councilmember O’Brien is a pricey solution that will raise rents—exactly what […]