Grand Bargain: This Isn’t Going to be Easy

I was on the Seattle Channel last week with Councilmember Mike O’Brien, Eastlake resident and micrhousing opponent Linda Alexander, and affordable housing developer and Grand Bargain signer Bill Rumpf. If you watch this whole show you’ll notice that the Grand Bargain is a lot more complicated than the group Seattle For Everyone (a group organized […]

Commercial Linkage: Math that Makes You Go “Hmmmm.”

Commercial Math Post

For years we’ve been saying that the best thing to do if we want housing prices to stabilize or even go down is to build lots more housing, including subsidized housing. The basic economic principle is that price—whether it is for an apple at the local grocery store or Napoleon’s hat—is a quantitative measure of […]

Mail in Your Ballots: Braddock and Johnson are Best

Mistakes Were Made

I’ve written already about the sorry state of affairs here in Seattle when it comes to our choices for City Council. I’ll say right now that when it comes to sensible housing and land use policy the two best candidates by far are Shannon Braddock in the 1st district (West Seattle, South Park) and Rob […]