Homelessness and Encampments: What Can Seattle Learn from Utah?


Seattle’s Mayor Ed Murray took to the pages of the Seattle Times recently to bemoan the criticism he’s been getting for his proposal to sweep away homeless encampments throughout the city. Murray said that activists and supporters of a different approach were playing, “a tired, old ideological game,” starting a “food fight,” and engaging in […]

Solving Homelessness: Notes from My Visit to Utah


The state of Utah conjures up many things for people, but perhaps most prevalent is the noting that it is a deeply conservative place culturally and politically. So headlines saying that Utah had effectively ended homelessness stood out even more than they might have had say Minnesota made the same claim. However, what I learned […]

A Win for Housing in Seattle: Abutting Lot Rule is Overturned!

Churchill Victory

Fresh from the King County Superior Court. The abutting lot rule has been overturned. The rule, pushed by Councilmember Mike O’Brien and supported by the full council with only Councilmember Bruce Harrell opposing, was deemed “an indirect charge on development” and a violation of RCW 82.02.020.  This will be the basis that we’ll later have […]