July 5, 2012: A Reminiscence on a Defense on Density

Facebook has evolved much over the last decade and even over the last five years. A feature I have grown to appreciate is the “On This Day” feature that allows one to go back to see what one posted exactly a year ago, or three years ago, or depending how long one has been on […]

666: The Devil’s Post

Well, here we are. This is the 666th post on the Smart Growth Seattle website. Maybe this is the end. We’ll see what happens next. Over the course of the last four years we’ve been joined by a variety of contributors and covered a range of topics and issues. I wish I could look back […]

Fighting Racism in Seattle Means Building More Housing, Not Less

[They’ll] make you think that they’re doing you a favor. Some of you asked me today about the Oakie Doak, well that is a classic example of the Oakie Doak. And what is the Oakie Doak? A thing, a promise given as if it has great value when in fact it is useless, always designed […]