Why We Talk About Housing Affordability Rather Than Poverty

This weekend I¬†saw the important documentary, “The IF Project” about an effort at both preventing young people from ending up in jail by having prisoners share their stories. The IF Project asks the basic question, “If there was something someone could have said or done that would have changed the path that led you here, […]

Urban Forest Symposium: Grow Neighborhoods AND Trees


Yesterday I presented on a panel at the University of Washington’s Urban Forest Symposium. I’ve embedded my graphically challenged power point presentation below. The bad news is that tree issues continue to constrain housing production, which adds to costs, limits supply and therefore boosts overall housing prices. The good news is that we have grown […]

U District Upzones: Herbold’s Modest Proposal

Less Housing Herbold

I stopped by a meeting organized by the Displacement Coalition last night about the proposed changes in zoning to the University District. The meeting was what we call in the business a “Twist and Shout Meeting,” a gathering to vent and blow off steam about a civic issues. Nothing is decided and the City isn’t […]