MIZ Example: No Value Exchange, Just Higher Prices


I’ve been writing about the problems with Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) for a long time now. In short, MIZ is infeasible, inflationary, and most likely illegal. The idea of extracting money to pay for rent restricted housing might be a good political solution but it would add costs that would make some projects infeasible and […]

Election Day: Burke, Democracy, and a Vision of the City

It’s difficult on Election Day for me to not get historical and philosophical about the big day. This year there seems to be a lot at stake for people across the country and right here at home. When I consider our democracy I can’t help but think about Edmund Burke, perhaps the most overlooked of […]

Here We Go Again: Opposing Growth and Housing Using Preservation


Last year we managed to face down and avoid former Councilmember Tom Rasmussen’s efforts to create what he called Preservation Districts in neighborhoods. That effort would have allowed neighbors to essentially declare a moratorium on anything changing in their vicinity by requiring what would amount to a vote on any new housing or commercial project. […]