Can We Legislate Good Design?


Can we legislate good design? Short answer: you can’t. One of the greatest concerns of neighborhood groups and anti-development activists has to do not just with the fact that greater density is arriving within their locale, but rather with the design of these new additions to their street. Such materials as panel board and exposed structural concrete […]

Microhousing: A little empirical data and some perspective

Ravenna section

David Neiman has been a guest writer here and a voice of sanity on small-lot legislation and microhousing. Neiman is no bomb thrower, and he has a great reputation at City Hall as a reasonable voice for growth but also for the importance of design. He usually wins me over when I suggest that we should get rid […]

Micro Legislation: An Architect’s Perspective

Ezra_1219 Marion_SD - 3D View - Street View Northwest

This review of microhousing legislation was first posted at Neiman Taber Architects Blog on September 10.  Background   Marion Micro Housing by Neiman Taber In response to the ongoing controversy over micro housing, Councilmember Mike O’Brien has proposed new legislation that would significantly change the rules for micro housing development in Seattle. Depending on your […]