McGinn In Again: Maybe We Have a Chance on Slowing, Stopping MIZ

Former Mayor Mike McGinn is running for Mayor against incumbent Mayor Ed Murray. The current Mayor has stubbornly clung to the concept of Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ), a scheme that requires the inclusion of rent restricted housing in every new housing project. If a project doesn’t include rent restricted housing, then it must pay a square footage […]

The Seattle Times Responds

Last week some of us complained to the Seattle Times about their habit of writing stories that only report quarterly rises in rents without any reference to broader patterns of rent increases (the rate of increase is high but the rates have been slowing) without considering why the prices are up and getting a sense […]

A New Candidate for Mayor: Welcome Home!

We have no great candidates running for office in Seattle today. But I have this fantasy of a candidacy for the rest of us; a candidacy for hard working people that are open minded, want fairness and justice, but are tired of traffic, feeling unsafe, and wishing we could solve the problem of rising prices. This […]