More on the Impacts of Proposed Microhousing Legislation


The letter below was recently sent to Seattle City Councilmembers and is part of an ongoing educational campaign to inform Seattle’s policy makers about the negative impact of Councilmember Mike O’Brien’s microhousing legislation which will be up for a vote on October 16.   We’ve been making the point that the legislation and amendments will […]

DPD: We Didn’t Reduce Housing Capacity, but the Reduction Was Minor


Last week Smart Growth Seattle had it’s day in court with the City’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD). Well, it wasn’t court exactly, but the Hearing Examiner. The City had tried to throw our appeal of DPD’s and Councilmember Clark’s significant reduction of housing capacity in the city’s low-rise zones (Councilmember Clark continues to […]

Microhousing: City Shuts Down Projects in Permitting


Microhousing developers all over the city got this letter below in response to a Superior Court decision that ruled that microhousing rooms are really units. For purposes of enforcing code requirements, a kitchen counts as a unit. Units trigger extended review under SEPA and also require design review. Part of what makes microhousing work, is […]