O’Brien, Sawant Grandstand While Apartment Owner Fixes Problems


It’s a pretty simple story. A new owner buys a building that has run down from an owner who used the deferred maintenance as a subsidy for lower rents. Often the buildings are so run down they don’t meet City standards for heal the and safety. So the new owner has to make repairs and […]

Economics, Not “Social Justice,” is How We Solve Housing Problems

I was sitting a meeting about affordable housing last week hosted by Seattle City Council candidate Lorena Gonzalez. The emphasis was “social justice” and housing. Gonzalez, after listening to a discussion about housing prices and City policy, concluded that the best way to understand and deal with rising housing prices was to look at the […]

City Builder: Mark Huber Volunteers to Build a Local Family a New Home

Earlier this year we featured Mark Huber, a local Seattle builder. But Mark Huber isn’t your typical business-owner; in fact, you could say he lives a double life. Most know him as a good family man and successful contractor. But Huber also raises funds and recruits people to help build homes for families in need […]