Microhousing: Politico Story Reminds Us What We Lost


Politico, an online journal of national politics, has a story about microhousing that extensively chronicles it’s rise and fall. What the story conveys, too, is that Seattle was the national leader in housing innovation — emphasis on the word was. Portland, Los Angeles, Minneapolis have all come calling, looking to Seattle and asking how to […]

Low-Rise Appeal: Closing Arguments


We’ve submitted our closing arguments for the appeal of the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) and Councilmember Sally Clark’s efforts to reduce housing capacity in the city’s low-rise zones. We think these arguments are solid and illustrative of the work DPD failed to do in assessing environmental impact. I.          INTRODUCTION The City’s Determination of […]

Microhousing: Legal Options on DPD Shutdown


The City of Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD) doesn’t seem to be listening to the development community these days. But they do listen to angry neighbors (see our appeal and the legislation they produced over regulating micros which was passed by the Seattle City Council). They also seem to listen to judges. So we […]