This Week in Olympia: Another Cash Grab by Non-Profit Housers

Shake Down

Late last week I spotted a post on Facebook that I really couldn’t believe. The non-profit housing group the Housing Development Consortium (HDC) and Futurewise are pushing to use funds generated from the Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) for affordable housing. The legislation, House Bill 1797 I can’t put it any other way: This is¬†outrageous. […]

Last Week in Olympia: Sparks Fly Over Rental Legislation

Last week I made comments on Senate Bill 5569, legislation that would essentially roll back some of the new requirements being placed on rental units in Seattle, specifically first in time requirements in Seattle. These requirements elevate the status of the first person to show up at a vacant rental property to the same status […]

Seattle is Not a “Welcoming City”

On Monday of this week Seattle declared itself a “Welcoming City” in the face of President Trump’s actions on immigration. I don’t exactly understand what this declaration means. And local politicians are almost dizzy with excitement as they run around from place to place making statements denouncing the President’s latest moves. It’s almost as if […]