Low-Rise Battle: Filling the Missing Middle


I’ve written before about the importance of figuring out how to build more density into and around single-family and low-rise neighborhoods. For example, we talked about courtyard housing as a way to create more density and affordability. There’s a great term for this need: the missing middle. And there is a great website called the Missing […]

Backyard Cottage Panel Shares Portland Secrets With Seattle

Last week we were happy to support a panel of two experts on backyard cottages, or Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (DADUs), the small houses that can be built in the backyard or right next to a single-family home. The City Council is interested in figuring out how to expand the use of DADUs as a […]

HB 1084: Pollett Pushes Anti-Housing Legislation Again


Last year you may remember State Representative Gerry Pollett’s efforts to pass legislation that would have provoked more costly appeals of new housing in single-family zones. We posted about the legislation then and urged people to contact Representative Pollett to urge him to stop pushing the legislation. Fortunately, last year, that legislation failed. But Pollett is back with House […]