Knee Deep in The Big Muddy: Will City Press On with MIZ?

June 20, 2016 Re: Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning Proposal in PLUZ Committee on 6/20/2016 Mayor Murray and Councilmembers, Attached you will find a three page list of process hang ups, rules, regulations, and code language that each add time and cost to the production of housing in Seattle. Each of these is a solvable challenge and […]

Airbnb: Burgess’ Short-Term Rental Gambit Redistributes Scarcity

To this end, some propose mere welfare measures – while others come forward with grandiose systems of reform which, under the pretense of re-organizing society, are in fact intended to preserve the foundations, and hence the life, of existing society. Frederick Engels, on Bourgeois Socialists The Principles of Communism Seattle is entering a dangerous phase […]

Low-Rise Battle: Filling the Missing Middle

I’ve written before about the importance of figuring out how to build more density into and around single-family and low-rise neighborhoods. For example, we talked about courtyard housing as a way to create more density and affordability. There’s a great term for this need: the missing middle. And there is a great website called the Missing […]