From Oregon: Model Code for DADUs


Eli Spevak who was a co-presenter with me several weeks ago on a panel exploring alternative housing models sent me a great blog post outlining a model code for what we call in Seattle DADUs or Detached Accessory Dwelling Units. This housing option has also been called backyard cottages. As editors of, we’d like […]

Oregon Leads on Accessory Dwelling Units

I attended the Housing Land Advocates Conference in Portland last week and presented on what happened to microhouisng. Microhousing is a new thing in Portland. My presentation had to highlight the fact that Seattle pretty much has closed down the microhousing product; some will still get built here, but not as many as before. But […]

Is Seattle Down for the Count on Affordable Housing?

Recently I have begun to envision Seattle housing affordability personified as an overmatched, undersized boxer who has gotten knocked down time and time again, but through sheer grit, courage and resolve continues to get up off the mat and keep fighting. The repeated knock downs represent the series of beatings Seattle housing has taken in […]