HB 1084: Pollett Pushes Anti-Housing Legislation Again


Last year you may remember State Representative Gerry Pollett’s efforts to pass legislation that would have provoked more costly appeals of new housing in single-family zones. We posted about the legislation then and urged people to contact Representative Pollett to urge him to stop pushing the legislation. Fortunately, last year, that legislation failed. But Pollett is back with House […]

Smart Growth Seattle: A Year in Review


This post is also an article in the January edition of Master Builder, the print magazine of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties. I made a presentation about Smart Growth Seattle to the Community Development Round Table in January of this year at a regular meeting of local business leaders convened by […]

From Oregon: Model Code for DADUs


Eli Spevak who was a co-presenter with me several weeks ago on a panel exploring alternative housing models sent me a great blog post outlining a model code for what we call in Seattle DADUs or Detached Accessory Dwelling Units. This housing option has also been called backyard cottages. As editors of www.accessorydwellings.org, we’d like […]