Does Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Work?


I’ve been obsessed (as one Facebook commenter said) with trying to disentangle the recommendations of the HALA Committee from the Grand Bargain. The ideas in HALA are not dependent on the Grand Bargain’s mandatory inclusionary zoning scheme. And it is crucial as the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing requirements are discussed that everyone think the proposal all […]

Doing the Math: MFTE Creates Many More Housing Units Than Grand Bargain

Let’s take a super quick look at a couple projects that participated in the City’s Multifamily Tax Exemption (MFTE) Program, a very successful program that has produced thousands of units of rent restricted housing for people earning between 60 and 80 percent of Area Median Income (AMI). The MFTE works by giving a property tax […]

The Lawyers: Linkage is Illegal but What About the Grand Bargain?

Pacino AJFA Steps

During the run up to the passage of a linkage resolution there was a great deal of angst in the developer and builder community. One response was a legal one. Just before the passage of the resolution some noted local land use attorneys sent a red flag letter to the Mayor pointing out that the […]