Martin Luther King: “Somewhere I Read….”

Martin Luther King was a man of words and action. I’m ambivalent about the official holiday celebrating his life and work. Is he worthy of the honor? Of course. But I worry that the dominant culture may have used the holiday to tame and commodify a radical legacy. King was not as radical or extreme […]

Mayor and City Council Still Riding the MIZ Tiger. But for How Long?

A couple of more cracks appeared in Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ) in the last couple weeks. First, Councilmembers are beginning to take the idea of a lawsuit seriously and they haven’t figured out what to do if it is successful. Second, growing pressure from angry neighbors about U District upzones is taking its toll on […]

Trends to Watch in 2017: An Upsurge of Identity Politics


Something to watch unfold this year in Seattle as we try to work on the housing shortage which is leading to higher prices, is an upsurge of identity politics associated with housing. As a person of color (or POC as we’re called) I am concerned about the growing role that race is taking in our […]