Supply and Demand Clock: What Time is it?

Supply and Demand Clock

I am presenting at a Continuing Legal Education Seminar hosted by The Seminar Group today. The chair of the seminar is Blaine Weber from Weber Thompson Architects. He kicked off the seminar with one of the best charts illustrating supply and demand I’ve ever seen. It’s the featured image above, but here it is again: […]

Is Seattle Down for the Count on Affordable Housing?

Recently I have begun to envision Seattle housing affordability personified as an overmatched, undersized boxer who has gotten knocked down time and time again, but through sheer grit, courage and resolve continues to get up off the mat and keep fighting. The repeated knock downs represent the series of beatings Seattle housing has taken in […]

Low-Rise Appeal Unsuccessful


Our appeal of the Department of Planning and Development’s (DPD) determination of non-significance (DNS) on legislation affecting low-rise zones was unsuccessful (you can read the whole decision here: W-14-001 DECISION_00001). The Hearing Examiner ruled on the narrow issue of whether DPD had made a mistake by not considering the impact of the proposal’s reduction of housing capacity […]