Rasmussen Proposal More Protectionism than Conservation

Outgoing Councilmember Tom Rasmussen unveiled his concept called Neighborhood Conservation Districts, borrowed from other cities around the country and designed to preserve the difficult define concept of “neighborhood character.” Rasmussen justified doing this on his own (Rasmussen is chair of the transportation committee) by saying Councilmembers should be concerned about all issues affecting the city, […]

Micros and Housing: Smart Growth Seattle on the Dave Ross Show


Yesterday morning I had the chance to be on the Dave Ross Show on KIRO Radio. I think the interview was a great chance to get our message across about microhousing but also about the importance of housing affordability and choice in general. Give the segment a listen in the embed below.

California Report: Density Can Mean Affordability


Another gem from the recently released report on expensive housing in California: density means lower prices. Again, this isn’t a shock to many of us, but growth resisters have made density and supply dirty words. They aren’t, and in fact the report from California’s independent and non-partisian Legislative Analyst’s Office building more housing and dense housing […]