The Adventures of Mike O’Brien and the Inefficiency of the Linkage Tax

What happens when good intentions, the urge to have government redistribute wealth*, and government inefficiency collide? Read Mike Lindbloom’s story about a City of Seattle program designed to help poor people with $20 reduction on their $60 car tabs. To give low-income drivers $20 rebates on their car-tab fees, Seattleā€™s city government intends to spend […]

Require Parking Spots or Bus Passes for New Housing?


Just the other day I posted an update on a report updating the City’s efforts to address the issues created by a December Hearing Examiner decision changing the way frequent transit service is calculated. The decision was unfortunate because it changed the simple straight forward way of calculating frequent transit service disallowing an average of […]

The Trouble With Progressives: They’re Sometimes Not Very Progressive

Deng Xiao Ping

All the talk of rent control and linkage taxes on new housing culminated for me on Sunday with a Facebook post. The post was about an article on income inequality. It’s the kind of wonky post I find mixed in my feed with baby pictures and Instagrams of people’s lunches and vacations. The thread, including […]