Rent Control on Blabbermouth

I was happy to wade into a debate about rent control on The Stranger’s Blabbermouth podcast last week. There aren’t many voices, including on the City Council (with the exception of Councilmember Bagshaw who attended a twist and shout meeting about rent control last week but wasn’t allowed to say anything), standing up to challenge the […]

Seattle Times: Helping the Discussion on Housing or Making it Worse?


Yesterday at noon the Seattle Times’ Sanjay Bhatt hosted an online forum on housing. I couldn’t participate but you can see the thread of comments and discussion by visiting the log of the chat at the Seattle Times website. The fact that the Times would host this kind of forum is great. The region’s largest […]

Rasmussen Proposal More Protectionism than Conservation

Outgoing Councilmember Tom Rasmussen unveiled his concept called Neighborhood Conservation Districts, borrowed from other cities around the country and designed to preserve the difficult define concept of “neighborhood character.” Rasmussen justified doing this on his own (Rasmussen is chair of the transportation committee) by saying Councilmembers should be concerned about all issues affecting the city, […]