Zoning in Seattle – Does It Make Sense?


Seattle, like just about every city small and large in the U.S., has a built environment dictated by a land-use code. We use this code to determine what can be built where, how big or small the building can be, how dense it can be (housing units/X square feet, for example), how much parking is […]

Eastlake Neighbors Tell You How to Live

This KING 5 story pretty much says it all. Councilmember Mike O’Brien is trying to make these neighbors happy by mandating how microhousing projects are organized and built. What it amounts to is a mandate about how people should live and what they should be forced to pay for. Do you want people in Eastlake […]

IZ and Inclusion: It’s Time to Move on to Better Ideas


Update: here’s a statement from CHHIP’s Communications office. It is incorrect to say that the Capitol Hill Housing board is no longer endorsing this policy. The board decided not to take a position on either side of incentive or inclusionary zoning policy. Recently the Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program (CHHIP) decided they are¬†no longer endorsing¬†incentive […]