First There Was HALA, Now There’s HART: Will it Be Different This Time?

The red light on the dashboard of state government is flashing. There is a growing worry about housing prices at that level of government as well. While Mayor Murray set about to create a high profile committee to wring hands about the “crisis” of housing prices, the State of Washington has taken something of a […]

On the Story of Housing in Seattle and Being Called a “Neoliberal”

So the other day I stumbled upon a very interesting and well put together slide show on file sharing site Slideshare. The presentation, titled, “Strategic Communications Plan for Seattle Affordable Housing and Homelessness,” goes into some really deep detail about how Seattle arrived at the so called “Grand Bargain,” the scheme that would require builders […]

Guest Post: Attract Private Investors to Finance Housing for the Homeless

When the Mayor declared Seattle’s homelessness epidemic a state of emergency one year ago, he reported that more money should be spent on “housing-focused” solutions.[1] Providing immediate access to permanent supportive housing has been proven effective in ending chronic homelessness.[2] Last September, the city issued a “Pathways Home” plan for tackling the homelessness emergency. Marking […]