Stepping Forward: We Need More Housing


The Seattle Housing Authority is proposing a new plan called Stepping Forward that aims to free up existing housing capacity to relieve growing wait lists for housing. The problem is that there is no housing for people even if the program is successful. This is because the Council has been relentlessly trying to solve the […]

Microhousing: Burgess Didn’t Listen

Tim Loves NBA

Councilmember Tim Burgess has been sending out an e-mail in response to supporters of microhousing explaining the Council’s vote. Councilmembers often send out these kinds of comprehensive responses, and Burgess’ is mostly in the form of a blog post linked in an e-mail from his legislative aide. Along with comments at the very end of […]

Microhousing: A little empirical data and some perspective

Ravenna section

David Neiman has been a guest writer here and a voice of sanity on small-lot legislation and microhousing. Neiman is no bomb thrower, and he has a great reputation at City Hall as a reasonable voice for growth but also for the importance of design. He usually wins me over when I suggest that we should get rid […]