Visualization: Microhousing in the United States

In an recent article, RCLCO (formerly Robert Charles Lesser & Co.), presented an interesting visualization of microhousing in the United States, “Is Smaller Getting Bigger? Visualizing Micro Units Across the United States.” While it is interesting to put our own microhousing question in national perspective there a couple of really important notes before going all […]

Storm of the Century?: City Planners Blow the Housing Forecast and Microhousing


Apartment guru Mike Scott of Dupree + Scott has just released their latest Apartment Advisor newsletter and it is packed with lots of great data. I won’t go through his clarion explanation of supply and demand and vacancy rates (Surprise! Lower vacancy rates mean higher rents), or his discussion of the fact that rent increases aren’t […]

Reality Check: High Demand for Apartments is the New Normal


It’s just as easy to get lost in the details and data as it is to get caught up in anecdotal information about housing. Too much data can take away from our compassion about people who are suffering and struggling even if it is a small number, and too many stories about outliers can distort […]