Smart Growth Seattle on the Radio: It’s Not a Housing Crisis, it’s a Housing Shortage

I went on the airwaves to talk housing with Bill Radke of KUOW’s The Record and John Fox of the Seattle Displacement Coalition. My main point is not that we are having a housing crisis but that we are having a housing shortage, and that we don’t need to make more affordable housing, we need […]

One More Time: Even if Housing Was Free, We’d Still Need More

Once again The Stranger’s Charles Mudede is spinning a jargon rich but still fantastical tale to get to his point: decommodify housing. Or, in other words, make housing an entitlement. Or in one word, make housing free! Mudede’s opinion matters because, even though I totally disagree with him, he is one of the few people […]

Frequent Transit Service: One Man, Two Words

The most well known quote by military theorist Carl von Clausewitz is that “war is the continuation of politics by other means.” But the inverse of Clausewitz’s formulation is no less true, that “politics is the continuation of war by other means.” There is little relationship between the tactics of winning political battles and making […]