Rasmussen Proposal More Protectionism than Conservation

Outgoing Councilmember Tom Rasmussen unveiled his concept called Neighborhood Conservation Districts, borrowed from other cities around the country and designed to preserve the difficult define concept of “neighborhood character.” Rasmussen justified doing this on his own (Rasmussen is chair of the transportation committee) by saying Councilmembers should be concerned about all issues affecting the city, […]

City Builder: Roosevelt Can Have Housing, Open Space, and Sustainability

City Builder Image

Wow. What a difference a week makes. One week ago I stood feeling helpless, frustrated, and angry as I watched our Mayor, City Attorney, and two Councilmembers promise Roosevelt neighbors a park where we had fought for housing. Today, after a week of spontaneous discussion and brain storming, there is a petition circulating on the […]

Will the Seattle City Council Redline the Homeless?

Tent City Intrigue

A couple weeks ago the Seattle City Council engaged in some political intrigue around the passage of legislation out of committee allowing homeless encampments in parts of the city. The problem? A proposal from Councilmember Sawant to study allowing the so called “tent cities” in residential areas was scuttled by Councilmember Tim Burgess. Burgess, the President of the […]