Built Green 2017: Panel Highlights Mayor, Council Races

A little less than a month ago I caught part of a panel discussion between candidates for Mayor of Seattle and for the seat on the City Council formerly held by interim Mayor Tim Burgess. There wasn’t anything shocking in the exchanges I saw and I didn’t hear much about housing economics that corresponded with […]

The Disconnect: Will Lowering Costs of Housing Production Mean Lower Prices?

It’s obvious to most people that when there is scarcity of something its price goes up. When there is an abundance of a product it goes down. But when it comes to housing, the disconnect between what’s obvious and deep bias against new development and change was brought home to me. In a meeting last […]

On the Radio: Weld, Spontaneous Order, Growth, and Journalism

Years ago, when I was running a City Council campaign, I arrived to the campaign headquarters to find the candidate with a draft letter to the editor. Some story in the paper was not to his liking, and he felt he needed to set the record straight. I told him that I was pleased he’d gotten […]