Will City Pay Attention to Data on Homeless Resources or Just Keep Sweeping?

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Someone sent me a report about homelessness by consultant group Focus Strategies. I agree with the substance and approach. The report called, Seattle/King County: Homeless System Performance Assessment and Recommendations with Particular Emphasis on Single Adults was commissioned by United Way of King County, the City of Seattle, and King County. The most compelling part […]

A Letter from the Governor and Our Response


At last week’s meeting of the Affordable Housing Advisory Board (AHAB) a letter was presented to the group — AHAB “advises the Department of Commerce on housing and housing-related issues” — from Governor Jay Inslee. The letter was encouraging because it showed an apparent appreciation by the governor that costs from zoning and planning requirements […]

Martin Luther King: “Somewhere I Read….”

Martin Luther King was a man of words and action. I’m ambivalent about the official holiday celebrating his life and work. Is he worthy of the honor? Of course. But I worry that the dominant culture may have used the holiday to tame and commodify a radical legacy. King was not as radical or extreme […]