Seattle Times Right and Wrong on Grand Bargain

Grand Bargain neighborhoods

The Seattle Times weighed in¬†yesterday on the passage earlier in the week¬†of key legislation that starts the City down the road of mandatory inclusionary zoning through the much hyped Grand Bargain. We’ve pointed out that, so far, the math isn’t working: the mandatory upzones proposed for neighborhood builders will cost more than the rent revenue […]

Not EVERYONE Agrees Grand Bargain is a Bargain

I find myself heading down to City Hall often these days to throw shade on various proposals about housing hatched by well meaning people at City Hall usually backed with dubious data and economics. Yesterday was no different. The Council passed resolutions putting them on a course to force builders to take more square footage […]

Concerns About Grand Bargain’s Financial Feasibility Grow

We’re going to be spending a lot of time this week looking at whether the upzones proposed as part of the so called Grand Bargain on housing actually add value to projects. Intuitively, I think the Grand Bargain isn’t feasible financially. New square footage comes at a cost and so do rent restrictions. My guess […]