DPD: A “Creature of the Internet”


As you might remember Smart Growth Seattle has appealed a proposed downzone of the city’s low-rise zones by Councilmember Sally Clark and the Department of Planning and Development (DPD). The City moved to dismiss our appeal on the grounds that we didn’t actually comment on the Determination of Non-Significance (DNS). We countered with our own […]

Zoning in Seattle – Does It Make Sense?


Seattle, like just about every city small and large in the U.S., has a built environment dictated by a land-use code. We use this code to determine what can be built where, how big or small the building can be, how dense it can be (housing units/X square feet, for example), how much parking is […]

IZ and Inclusion: It’s Time to Move on to Better Ideas


Update: here’s a statement from CHHIP’s Communications office. It is incorrect to say that the Capitol Hill Housing board is no longer endorsing this policy. The board decided not to take a position on either side of incentive or inclusionary zoning policy. Recently the Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program (CHHIP) decided they are¬†no longer endorsing¬†incentive […]