Microhousing: The Mayor is Listening


Yesterday Seattle Mayor Ed Murray responded to the idea that the City Council’s efforts to regulate microhousing will just make it more expensive. Contrary to Councilmember Burgess’ Orwellian statement that the amendments wouldn’t reduce housing choice, the proposal would add deal killing regulations that would mean fewer units and higher prices. Will the Mayor veto […]

Microhousing: A little empirical data and some perspective

Ravenna section

David Neiman has been a guest writer here and a voice of sanity on small-lot legislation and microhousing. Neiman is no bomb thrower, and he has a great reputation at City Hall as a reasonable voice for growth but also for the importance of design. He usually wins me over when I suggest that we should get rid […]

Impact Fees at Today’s PLUS Meeting: Higher Rents, More Sprawl


Along with dealing what will likely be a death blow to microhousing, the City Council’s Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee is considering the idea of “linkage fees;” yet another supply killing, raising intervention in the name of affordability.  If you live in Seattle and pay attention to land-use and housing issues, you may […]