City Builders Happy Hour is a Year Old!

It may seem a bit silly to make a fuss over an every-once-and-awhile happy hour. But the City Builder Happy Hour is something a little bit different. Part networking session and part idea incubator, the City Builder Happy has hosted several fun and engaging evenings of idea sharing and catching up on local land use and politics.

I presented the idea of neighborhood scaled Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) as ¬†way of stemming the NIMBY tide against new development. And other ideas have surfaced over the last year too like a gondola for Seattle. Generally, City Builders has been about multifamily development, but it’s also been a forum of the importance of other parts of making Seattle a dense, livable, and walkable city.

If you have time stop by to talk about anything you want, but we’d also like to have you attend to share your support of our efforts to support housing choices in all of Seattle’s neighborhoods.

Here’s the details:

2013 City Builder Happy Hour
Thursday, February 28 at 5:30 at
Pike Brewing Company
5:30 PM
1415 First Avenue in the Pike Place Market.
There is no cost to attend a City Builder Happy Hour.

Also become a member of the City Builder group on Facebook.

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