March on Amazon? Maybe it’s Not Such a Bad Idea!

So the flier in the featured image of this post has been showing up on line lately. Here’s the details from a Facebook post:

On May 1st, 2017, we are calling on all interested and affected parties to converge on Westlake Park to march on Amazon HQ in South Lake Union. We will rally at 11 AM and march at noon to deliver four demands to Amazon and its CEO:

-20,000 fully subsidized and perpetually free public housing units. These units will be given to those who actually need them. This will solve the homeless problem in King County.

-Full funding of King County Metro, Sound Transit, and Community Transit so that everyone in the region has free transportation. This will actually decrease car use.

-Free community college for everyone in King County. This will ensure everyone has an advanced education.

-Universal basic income for every resident of King County (at least 1,000.00 USD per month). This will ensure that everyone has their basic needs meet.

We encourage all those who support these demands to attend, either as a group or as individuals.

With Seattle drifting more and more to the left everyday I’m starting to think the ideas behind this march aren’t so bad. Think about it, if Amazon built 20,000 free units of housing, maybe we could convince the Mayor and Council to end the shake down of market rate housing development¬†through Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning¬†to fund price non-profit affordable housing. Full funding of transit means sales and property taxes that fund those services could be eliminated; think of the savings to construction costs and to renters who pay property tax through rent increases. Free college? Why not? More money to offset “skyrocketing” rents! And of course I support universal income already.

So on May 1 you might see me with a red bandana and a big sign with these demands. I mean I can’t hurt to ask, right?

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