• Guess Who Master Builder: Reducing Costs of Building is in Everyone’s Interest

    In this month’s Master Builder Magazine, I’ve articulated our argument for getting more efficient in the way resources are being used to produce non-profit affordable housing in Washington State. Bringing up this point, that low-income units produced by non-profit organizations are very expensive, makes many people unhappy. They often say, “Your math is wrong,” or, […]

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New Ideas for a Growing City

Seattle is a growing and changing city with new people and families arriving every day. People fall in love with our city and want to make it their home. We need new ideas and a fresh approach to creating a wide range of housing choices for new people and families that want to join us in our beautiful corner of the world. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you’ll join our efforts.



What’s Happening at the Habitability Committee?

The battle over microhousing ended in Seattle with the forces opposed to small, congregate living winning almost completely. The most affordable approach to microhousing included small rooms including a bathroom, a sink, a refrigerator, and a microwave, clustered around a shared kitchen forming a unit. This model of microhousing provided great location, lower overall monthly rent, […]

Take Away Housing Trust Fund Dollars to Punish Seattle’s Intransigence on Housing

Recently I spotted an article about California State Senator Scott Wiener’s proposed legislation that would both relax regulation and impose penalties on local cities that were not allowing more housing to be built. It’s time to consider similar legislation here, especially taking away Housing Trust Fund (HTF) dollars until Seattle backs down from it’s disastrous […]

FAQ Post

Frequently Asked Question: Will the Grand Bargain Lower Housing Prices?

I don’t usually do this, but thanks to the “on this day” feature on Facebook, this post from a year ago popped up on my feed. It’s interesting.  Not much has changed in the last year. The City is still plodding along towards imposing Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning (MIZ), people are still calling that idea “HALA,” […]