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New Ideas for a Growing City

Seattle is a growing and changing city with new people and families arriving every day. People fall in love with our city and want to make it their home. We need new ideas and a fresh approach to creating a wide range of housing choices for new people and families that want to join us in our beautiful corner of the world. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you’ll join our efforts.



Myth Buster: Gentrification or Desegregation?

It has become something of an article of faith for the antigrowth crowd that one big reason that growth is bad is that it unleashes something they call “gentrification.” Now it’s next to impossible to find a quantitative definition of gentrification; it’s mostly a know-it-when-you-see-it phenomena. I’ve written about how, when pressed, the argument that […]

Capitol Hill Housing 
133 Pontius Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

What is Affordability?

In the weeks ahead we’ll be delving more into research about how the City is establishing what it calls “housing need.” The foundation of almost all the discussion over the last several years has been the assumption that housing is affordable when it consumes 30 percent or less of a household’s income, discounted for some […]


Regulatory exactions! Linkage fees! Development charges! Oh my!

The Seattle Lawyer’s Chapter of the Federalist Society is hosting a seminar on the proposed linkage tax on Thursday of this week. Here are the details: Time : Thursday, January 15, 2015 04:00 PM Location: Riddell Williams PS Riddell Room, 45th Floor Safeco Plaza 1001 Fourth Avenue Seattle, WA 98054 Featured Speakers: Brian Hodges - Managing Attorney, Northwest Center of […]