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New Ideas for a Growing City

Seattle is a growing and changing city with new people and families arriving every day. People fall in love with our city and want to make it their home. We need new ideas and a fresh approach to creating a wide range of housing choices for new people and families that want to join us in our beautiful corner of the world. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you’ll join our efforts.



Reality Check: Vacancy Rates Will Change but Remain Low in Seattle

We’re in the middle of  the projections in a 2015 market study by the O’Connor Group (OCG) that I’m posting this week. I don’t have the latest annual survey data yet. But it’s worth looking at these projects as we move into 2017. Studies like the one OCG produced here are everywhere. This is not shocking information to people […]


Reality Check: High Demand for Apartments is the New Normal

It’s just as easy to get lost in the details and data as it is to get caught up in anecdotal information about housing. Too much data can take away from our compassion about people who are suffering and struggling even if it is a small number, and too many stories about outliers can distort […]


Jonathan Swift Offers A Modest Proposal for Seattle’s Homeless Encampments

I really appreciate the steady and balanced coverage of Seattle’s ongoing discussion and debate over homeless encampments by Erica Barnett of C is for Crank (see her latest post, “Council Skeptical of Plan That Could Require Moving the Homeless Out of Town“), Josh Feit of Publicola, and Heidi Groover of The Stranger. This is a […]