Small Homes Still a Big Deal

There is a great post up at Living in Density (a blog  featuring small living spaces) featuring a home built by a local builder, Steele Homes. 

Context is everything, and the 2-bedroom home sits in a part of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle, where the average house is more than twice its size. Developed on a subdivided lot that is 17′x120′ , it  stands out because of it’s width, which inspired the owners to nickname it “The Skinny.”

But whatever you call it, it’s hard to argue that it is a “monster” or out of scale with the neighborhood. Inside and out, the house works for the people who live there and fits in with what’s around it.



Unfortunately, new single-family homes are called out for being different. They are, but they are an important part of supplying the growing demand for homes in Seattle’s neighborhoods. Check out the post for more pictures and details about the house.

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