About Smart Growth Seattle

Smart Growth Seattle was built from the ground up in 2020. With Roger’s experiences in the real estate industry combined with his background in digital marketing, the company was able to achieve outstanding success in just a few short years. 

Smart Growth Seattle takes pride in putting YOU first. We give you access to the most desirable units and floor plans that are most suited for you. And through our blog, we also give professional advice to answer your questions and ease your worries. We believe that real estate decisions should be easy, so our team simplifies the buying and selling process by valuing transparency and having a client-first approach that focuses on your needs.

So whether you’re a first-time buyer or a hardened condo investor, you will find all the help you need with Smart Growth Seattle. Get in touch with us today.

Roger Davis

Realtor & Co-Founder

Roger Davis, Realtor

Roger lives and breathes real estate in Seattle. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, his unparalleled knowledge cultivated a community of repeat clientele and a consistent stream of new clients over the years. 

Even as a boy, Roger had an entrepreneurial spirit. He did lemonade stands, garage sales, and door-to-door selling. His interest in real estate was also sparked early on, as he grew up in a family of real estate professionals. This set an excellent foundation for Roger, and his real estate connections only expanded as his career progressed.

Roger kept honing and sharpening his skills in sales and real estate even after college. He kept his knowledge fresh and updated by constantly working with developers, lawyers, investors, sales teams, and construction crews. 

Today, Roger continues to use his outstanding real estate expertise, sales knowledge, and professional attitude to help clients find the right property in the competitive Seattle market.

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