New Condos in Bellevue, Washington

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Another major city in Washington is Bellevue, located across the way from Seattle and Lake Washington. Bellevue is an incredibly beautiful city decorated with parks, and rich in culture with museums. 

It’s the third-largest city in the greater Seattle area and has a dense population.

houses in Bellevue, Washington

Top Bellevue Neighborhoods


If you like a quiet neighborhood with good schools, Somerset is the best option in Bellevue. It is mostly residential with its fair share of coffee shops and more than enough parks.

Beaux Arts Village

One of the smallest neighborhoods, Beaux Arts Village only has about 300 residents, making it a very exclusive area. It’s also a quiet area that has a mix of small-town residences and more modern homes.


Part of Lakemont extends beyond Bellevue borders and into Issaquah. Lakemont is the best candidate for folks who enjoy nature with access to parks such as the Cougar Mountain Park.

Choosing Your Home in Bellevue

Being mostly residential with large detached homes, the condos in the Redmond area are centered closer to downtown. For a place with housing 86% higher than the national average, the condos in Redmond are surprisingly well-priced. 

condo balconies

Since Bellevue is home to beautiful scenery and landscapes, its condos mirror this advantage. Condos in Bellevue don’t come cheap, with The Lofts at 15 – Wilberton priced above the 1 mil point. 

You will be able to find units that are priced around 500K and lower, but you will be sacrificing the idyllic views that you would otherwise get with a more expensive one. 

Bellevue has houses and condos. Choosing your home in Bellevue requires a budget consideration, as well as the size and area you pick. The Lofts is a very luxurious series of condos that are located throughout the city. 

Experiencing Bellevue

Bellevue has plenty of museums and gardens to satisfy your curious nature. Take a look at how far mankind has come in aerial science at The Museum of Flight, or take a walk through Bellevue Botanical Gardens that is complete with a waterfall. 

There are also art museums and plenty of local parks such as Marymoor Park, and also easy access to Lake Sammamish.

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