New Condos in Seattle

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Located in Puget Sound, Seattle is one of the most famous cities in the Pacific Northwest. 

Not unlike their northern neighbor of Vancouver, Seattle features a similar climate and is home to the world-renowned coffee chain: Starbucks. Seattle has parks, trails, and forests, everything for nature lovers.

Morning in Seattle, WA

Top Seattle Neighborhoods

West Seattle

West Seattle is a residential area that has a beach, gorgeous views, with a commercial area easily accessible that offers cafes, restaurants, and shopping. The homes are mostly houses with a few condo options.

Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle is the happening area of the city. Like most city centers in other locations, downtown in Seattle is a place of business, trendy restaurants and bars, and luxury condos.

Green Lake

Green Lake is known for its tranquil way of life. The small neighborhood is centered around the lake, from which the name was derived. The area features both a suburban and urban feel.

Choosing Your Home in Seattle

Condos in Seattle have a wide range of price tags. Some can be priced in the low 300K, but there are also opulent units that can go for 1 mil and over. One thing the more expensive units have in common is unmatched views of the nature Seattle has to offer.

condo living room interior

Condos located closer to amenities, shops, restaurants and easy transportation are also priced higher.

Condos in the city are usually more affordable than homes. Seattle has plenty of neighborhoods that are very diverse and offer various advantages. Do you want to live closer to a bustling area with trendy bars and clubs, or would you prefer a more quiet and peaceful suburban life? There are condos available in neighborhoods that will meet your needs.

Experiencing Seattle

Seattle is a city made for tourists. The Space Needle and Pike Place Market are two of the most coveted attractions in the area. There is also the world’s oldest and first Starbucks, which hasn’t changed much since its establishment many years ago. 

Aside from these attractions, there are also plenty of parks, a zoo, and museums to visit.

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