New Homes in Bellevue, Washington

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Part of the greater Seattle area, Bellevue is the third-largest and third-most populous city in Washington. 

There are many neighborhoods in Bellevue that offer amazing views of Lake Washington, and the city is just a drive away from Seattle. For those who love nature and culture, Bellevue is an excellent choice.

houses in Bellevue, Washington

Top Bellevue Neighborhoods

Newport Hills

Newport Hills is a great neighborhood for families with kids. It has a highly-reviewed elementary school and is also home to Coal Creek Parkway. Many residents choose to travel on foot in the neighborhood and it’s also a very safe area.


Woodridge has a strong community feel with many parks that exhibit the wondrous nature in the area. It’s a quiets area, and Woodridge has beautiful views and detached houses.


Eastgate may not have as much history as Beaux Arts Village, but it has its charm. A newly developed neighborhood, Eastgate feels more modern than other areas in Bellevue. It’s highly convenient thanks to the I-90, and it gives residents access to the zoo and parks.

The Finest Homes in Bellevue

Depending on the area you choose, Bellevue offers single-family detached homes or condos. The homes in the city tend to have a minimalistic appearance with luxurious interiors. 

Choosing Your Home in Bellevue

There is no debate about the gorgeous views in Bellevue, but to get a taste of the beauty, you need to pay a premium. The houses in the city are closer to 1 mil, which is a significant number for many.

flowers at Bellevue Botanical Garden Trails

Woodridge is an excellent neighborhood for the quiet suburban life, while Eastgate is more modern, with convenient transit at the forefront of its layout design.

Experience Bellevue

Museums, gardens, and parks are abundant in Bellevue. The Flight Museum, and the Bellevue Arts Museum or BAM, are must-see places. 

Then there are the parks and gardens such as Bellevue Botanical Garden and Mercer Slough Nature Park that transports you from a bustling environment into a tranquil setting without you ever having to leave the city.

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