New Homes in Renton, WA

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Renton, WA

A suburb of Seattle, Renton features beautiful landscape and nature native to the Pacific Northwest. Belonging in King County, Renton also features houses that are spacious on large properties. 

At 66% above the national average of home prices, Renton is also home to residents with higher incomes.

Park in Renton, WA

Top Renton Neighborhoods


This part of Renton earns its name from the park. There is plenty of nature in this area including a well-maintained golf course and a preserve. 


Kennydale is another popular neighborhood in Renton, and borders Lake Washington. It’s a great area for those who like to be near water.


Fairwood also features golf clubs and parks and lots of trails to explore. It’s a larger neighborhood and a stone’s throw away from some great camping sites.

The Finest Homes in Renton

Most homes in the Renton area feature larger houses meant for families. Most of the residents in the area are small families in houses that are just under and over 1 mil as an average. 

Most of the houses are around 3000 sq ft, giving homeowners lots of room. Depending on which neighborhood you choose, housing prices can skyrocket to around 5 million for a lakeside 4,500 sq ft home or around 650,000 for a smaller 1,500 square footage.

side of a porch

The home you choose will depend largely on your budget. Renton features good schools and plenty of nature in most neighborhoods. For example, Kennydale is an excellent choice for families who like to be close to the water to engage in water sports in the summertime. 

We also have Fairwood, which is home to hiking trails and hills to explore during the warmer months. 

Experiencing Renton

Renton is a nature lover’s dream. Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park is an excellent outdoor park that borders the lake, and Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland is another park steeped in nature. 

You will be able to catch glimpses of wildlife you may not see in other areas. There is also a Jimi Hendrix memorial for music-lovers and Starfire Sports Stadium. 

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